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The Grade 8 Leadership elective is running a Video Game and DVD Drive.

The idea for the Drive came out of the thoughtful work of the group who wanted to do something meaningful to help the larger community while also being relatable to our Holy Blossom youth community. All proceeds from the drive will be going to Save a Child’s Heart. SACH was chosen as the recipient after the group spoke with each of the Senior School classes to see what causes they felt were most important.

The students felt a strong connection to SACH because of the amazing work it does for children, the fact that it helps people regardless of religion, and that the organization is strongly linked to the Jewish community. We are asking that everyone in the Holy Blossom community look for DVDs and Video Games that you no longer need and donate them in one of the donation boxes in the Temple lobby.

All donations will be sold on Sunday December 14 and Monday December 15 during Religious School.

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