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By Dr. Harvey Schipper, President

Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

It is with particular pleasure that I share with you some remarkable news. 

Our Cantor Maissner has been awarded one of Germany’s highest civilian honours: The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany – “Der Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”.

This singular honour recognizes Beny’s enormous contribution in “restoring and preserving the great Jewish musical heritage for Germany and for the world.”

The award will be presented by the German Consul General, Walter Stechel, on Sunday, November 23rd, at 12:00 noon, immediately following our Annual General Meeting.  Please join us for this event and celebration.

To leave Cantor Maissner a message of congratulations, please comment below.

Interview: Cantor Maissner awarded The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

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  • Seymour and Gloria Temkin

    Mazaltov Beny
    You bring great honour to yourself, your family and Holy Blossom Temple.
    Our best wishes for good health and many more hours of musical pleasure.
    Seymour and Gloria Temkin

  • Cantor Sandy Sherry-Pilatsky

    Dear Chazzan Beny
    You are an exemplary model for all Cantors who follow in your footsteps. May their love for Jewish music, and the desire to keep it alive, be inspired by your example. Mazal Tov on this great accomplishment. Your Alumni Association is proud!
    Cantor Sandy Sherry
    Sandra Sherry-Pilatsky
    Corresponding Secretary
    Hebrew Union College, Debbie Friedman, School of Sacred Music
    Cantor Emerita Temple Beth El of Huntington, NY.

  • joanne weigen

    You’re deserving of such a great honour. It is a privilege to know a cantor of your caliber. Thank you for guiding three of my Shiner granddaughters. Wishing you good health.

    Joanne Weigen

  • shimon brownstein


    mazel tov

    you deserve the award


  • Diane Nguyen

    Congratulations, Cantor Maissner!

    • Cantor Avi Keller - Jerusalem, Israel

      Dearest Beny,
      A hearty Mazal Tov, on this unique & well deserved honor.
      I believe your parents and great Uncle are looking down from heaven very proud of the active musical path which you lead – continuing the Jewish tradition of spreading light in this world. Gaining Germany’s recognition is yet another ray of light, that states that there is hope & goodness that awaits our world.
      Regards & Blessings,
      All the very best

  • Fran and Murray Ellis

    Dear Beny
    Mazel-tov on receiving this very special award in recognition of your great contribution in “restoring and preserving the great Jewish musical heritage for Germany and the world.”
    Not only are you appreciated by Germany, but you are deeply appreciated by the congregation of Holy Blossom and all those that have heard you. It is an honour for us personally to hear sing and enjoy your choir.
    May you continue in good health for many years to come. You are a blessing and a treasure to all of us.
    With much admiration and affection,
    Fran and Murray Ellis

  • Joan and Ray Moses

    Dear Beny,
    Your lifetime devotion and diligence to your chosen work would not have gained you international acclaim if you didn’t also have the remarkable voice and love of music that you have shared with us for so many years. This honour from Germany is quite remarkable and gut wrenching in a way. What goes around, comes around as they say. Mazel Tov. Joan and Ray

  • Herb and Joy Wolfson

    Mazel Tov Beny for this very impressive and well deserved honour. Your music has brought great joy to us, our congregation and to the whole Jewish Community. Our congratulations and best wishes to you and Hope.

  • Winfried and Ilona Balke (Germany)

    Dear Mr. Maissner, Shalom!

    Our best congratulations to this special honor! After all the cruelties we Germans did to your people, this may be a small comfort to you.
    One of our best friends sang in the choir of the Synagogue of Hannover, where your father came from, during the thirties.She and her husband were the last couple to be married in the beautiful Synagogue in September 1938 before it was burnt. So it warms our hearts to know about you getting this award.

  • Cantor Barbara Ostfeld

    Cantor Maissner reflects great honor on your congregation and community. Kol hakavod to you! We cantors of the Reform movement also claim him as our own! We too bask in his reflected glory! His energy and passion, drive and single-mindedness have advanced the profiles of Jewish choral music and of hazzanut worldwide. Lam’natze’ach shir mizmor!

  • Roland Koessler

    Dear Benny, wonderful, that you will get this merit. I will never forget, that you said to Karin, her girlfriend and me, after you sang the Kaddish for the Olympic National team of Israel in Munich, that we are your friends and that we will see us again.
    This touched my heart so much, after what the generation of our parents did to your generation.
    Thank you so much & Schalom % I hope to see you again!
    Roland Koessler

  • Judy and Carl Ritchie

    MAZEL tov, Beny,
    A well deserved honour and tribute. Thank you for making our services at temple so warm and meaningful.
    Judy and Carl

  • David Sandler

    Congratulations from Sandra and myself. What a well-deserved award and honour. So I just wanted to add our names to the long list of fans. You and I go back 36 years!!!!….hard to believe, with lots of history. Thanks for all the Jewish musical knowledge you have given me. I am a better Jew for it. And I can’t add anything to what all the other people have said in their notes.
    With our affection and respect.
    David and Sandra Sandler

  • marcel himel

    A well-deserved honour.
    next comes an award for Sports matches!!
    Mazel Tov and all the best to you.

    Marcel and Patty Himel

  • Marty Steinhouse

    Dearest Beny, Since you came to Toronto so many years ago you have inspired so many to join the Cantorate. The example you have set as a Hazzan is one that can not be matched. You are an accomplished musician, wonderful conductor and one of the most knowledgable Cantors in the world. Your greatest quality is your ability to share your love of music with all of those who are fortunate to have heard you daven.. You weave many different styles of music throughout your services, from traditional nusach, sephardic and contemporary melodies. Your example of what a Hazzan should be is known world wide. Mazal Tov on your latest accomplishment Holy Blossom is so lucky to have you.
    With Lots of Love
    Marty and Rachel Steinhouse

  • Jason Stein

    MAZEL TOV BENY on this most prestigious and well deserved award! What a meaningful and fitting tribute to all you have accomplished at Holy Blossom Temple and beyond! May you,Hope, and your entire family have many more years of going from strength to strength!

    Yasher Koach,

    Jason Stein

  • Cantor Miranda Kark Beckenstein

    Dear Beny,
    On behalf of the Alumni Association of the Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music of Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion I send you a hearty mazal tov. Your tireless work over the years on behalf of our heritage of Jewish Music and Nusachot is being so richly acknowledged and rewarded . We are so proud of you and wish you ‘hatz’l’cha’ for the ceremony on November 23.

    Miranda Kark Beckenstein
    Coordinator for Alumni Engagement for the DFSSM.

  • Rouhama Danto

    My Dear Beny,
    As a childhood friend and as a student of my father, HaRav Dov Arie Lebel, I am so proud of your achievements. You are a hard and dedicated worker. You are a professional musician, you love what you are doing and use it to educate your congerants and listeners.You definitely deserve this honor.
    Kol Hakavod ! Keep it up !
    Rouhama Danto

  • Cantor Penny S. Myers

    You are one of those rare people who not only inspire your congregation, but bring a deep understanding of all people outside of the shul walls . This is not an easy task and takes years, if not decades, to cultivate an awereness as you have created. I deeply admire your tenacity in the sacred work and your influence on me not only as a Hazzan BUT as a Jew. You make me not only want to be a better Jew, but a better person. To have the koiach to persevere as you have shown in your work with Germany is not only admirable , but is to be emulated.
    I am so very grateful to know you, to call you not only my colleague but my friend.
    May Hashem continue to bless and keep you, Hope, Shira, Tal, Rivka and their delicious kinderlach!

    With deep admiration

  • Carol Barner

    Congratulations, Cantor! Well done!

  • DR. GULYAS, Gabor

    Dear Mr. Meissner ,

    Congratulation on Your honour , this award will be given to the right person.
    I wish You all the best and long, healthy life


    Dr. GULYAS, Gabor

  • Paul and Barbara Kowarsky

    Dear Beny -we join your family and friends in wishing you Mazeltov! You have worked tirelessly and are well deserving of this honour. May you continue to go from strength to strength. We are unable to join you, but wish you much joy at this very special time.

  • Regina Leng, Hannover (Germany)

    Lieber Benjamin,
    auch von mir herzliche Glückwünsche. Danke, dass Du uns hier in Hannover
    mit in Deine Familiengeschichte hineingenommen hast. Denn nur wo nicht
    vergessen wird, was geschehen ist, kann Schuld erkannt und Vergebung er-
    fahren werden. So bleibt die Hoffnung auf gegenseitigen Respekt und Liebe
    und die Erkenntnis, dass jeder Mensch in seiner Einzigartigkeit ein Wunder Gottes ist. Wie wertvoll jeder Einzelne ist, spiegelt sich auch in Deiner
    Musik wieder, denn sie berührt die Herzen der Menschen, die Gottes Nähe
    suchen. Gott segne und beschütze Dich und Deine ganze Familie für diesen
    Dienst. Mein besonderer Dank geht auch an Hope, denn sie teilt Dich mit
    uns und hält Dir den Rücken frei.


  • Holy Blossom Temple Singers

    Many of us in Temple Singers have been singing under Beny’s
    guidance for years, if not decades. Beny has been our conductor and at times our inspiration for a long time. He has taught us many compositions–mostly in Hebrew, some Yiddish, some English (with an Israeli accent). But
    the music he taught and shared with us wasn’t just a collection of notes written on a page—he showed us how to interpret those notes and words into feelings so that we could sing with deeper meaning & resonance to our congregation.
    Throughout his years at Holy B. Beny has taught our congregation
    to participate (at times vigorously) during services through song. Beny, as well as enriching our lives musically & through a greater understanding of Torah, you’ve enriched an even wider audience, on an international scale. This Sun. Nov. 23rd you will receive The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, one of the highest honors bestowed upon civilians. While enriching our congregation, you have also enriched, restored and preserved the great Jewish musical heritage of Germany for our generation & those in the future.
    On behalf of all of us in Temple Singers, we wish you a huge Mazal Tov & Yasher Koach!

  • Gillian Helfield and Eric Klein

    Mazal Tov, Beny, to you and your family! We are as always, so impressed by your achievements We are very proud to share this momentous occasion with the commmunity to which you bring great honour!

    The Helfield-Klein Family.

  • Rose Cooper

    Congratulations and yasher koach to you Beni on this well deserved honour. Your reputation and talent as an important and unique contributor to the Jewish community and throughout the world, is to be admired. I am so happy for you! Rose Cooper

  • Joanne and Kevin Roher

    Beny, this is wonderful news! Wishing you a hearty MAZEL TOV on such a great honour!
    With admiration,
    Joanne and Kevin

  • Maxine Minden

    Congratulations! I am proud and happy for your well deserved honour in this troubled world. It was your beautiful voice and music that brought us to the Temple many years ago. May you and Hope and your family enjoy good health and good luck always.

  • Andrea Baltman

    Mazel Tov on receiving this well deserved wonderful honour.
    Yasher Koach Andrea Baltman

  • rosemary and Morty goldhar

    What a well deserved honour to a man with a voice and heart to match
    What joy you have brought to so so many people all over the world.
    This is a wonderful honour .. Keep singing
    love Rosemary and Morty

  • Gail and Zel Bocknek

    We all knew of your talent and musicality but it is nice to know that others recognize your achievements. Not bad for an Alter Kucker!You bring hope to all of us old guys!

  • Jan and Robert Simonsky

    How wonderful Benny to have received such an incredible honour.
    How honoured we all are to have you as our Cantor and friend.
    You have kept us together through beautiful music – thank you.
    How proud you have made us to belong to Holy Blosssom Temple.
    Mazel Tov to you and Hope and your family.
    With love,
    Jan and Robert

  • Reply

    Dear Beny,
    You have warmed our hearts with your amazing voice and bringing Jewish music back to Germany. In rememberance you brought back to Hannover your uncle the great Israel Alter. Cantor Alter worked as the Chief Cantor of the “Neue Synagoge” in the city of Hannover from 1925 – 1935. With your voice and your music you set an example of peace and unity. You showed us to forgive but not to forget. Your work is a beacon of light, love and hope. I wish all the best to you, Hope and your lovely family.
    Much love to you and your family

  • Bernie Greenspan

    Mazel Tov Cantor well deserving.

  • Gerry Prendergast

    what a wonderful honor and a well deserved recognition of our life’s work.
    Your passion and love for your work and your congregation are evident in all you do for us on a daily basis.We are truly blessed
    You bring us all closer to the Divine with your powerful voice and your strength and knowledge.
    You nourish my soul and I thank you for that

  • Judy Ford

    Mazal Tov and congratulations on this wonderful achievement. Love to Hope and the family,

  • Cantor A. Eliezer Kirshblum

    Linda joins me in wishing you a hearty Mazal Tov, on this special well deserved honour.I am sure that my thoughts reflect those of all our Cantorial colleagues, past and present, in Toronto, and throughout our Jewish community, the world over.You are recognized by all of us as a “unique musical force”. Your family, Holy Blossom, and Klal Yisrael, share in the nachas of this milestone.
    We are all very proud of you.
    Cantor Kirshblum Adath Israel Synagogue

  • Ted and Margot Samuel

    Congratulations on a well-deserved honour!
    Our very best wishes,
    Ted and Margot Samuel

  • Ann Shendroff

    Mazel Tov on this well deserved honour. You have made a HUGE contribution to Holy Blossom, both with your music and your caring for the congregants, such as making hospital visits as you did for my husband, Irv. You are special. Ann

  • Peter and Eleanor Loebel

    Dear Beny,
    We are thrilled to learn of this well deserved honour bestowed on you our wonderful Cantor.Our very best wishes.
    Ellie and Peter

  • Debbi and Bob Moses

    Dearest Beny,

    With this honour that you have been bestowed you make not only your family proud but your extended family throughout the world! I am so impressed with this achievement of yours, yet not surprised….you make every note,; every prayer; every shabbat ; and every event a treat to behold!!!
    Yasher Koach!!!
    debbi & Bobby moses

  • Michael & Janet Ryval

    Kol hakavod, Beny!
    Michael & Janet

  • Norma and George Steiner

    Dear Beny,
    We were thrilled to learn of your well deserved award. As we and put the two of you in touch, Norma and I are aware of just one of the many things that brought out your international contributions. It was your work with Bruno Fraitag of Synagogue Copernic in Paris which ultimately led them to produce the concert of the many versions over the centuries and different societies of the Kaddish and recording it on a wonderful DVD. Your influence has gone far beyond Bathurst and Dewbourne and Norma and I are delighted to see it recognized.
    Norma and George Steiner

  • Y. (Joe) Habib

    MAZAL TOV Cantor Maissner, I am very happy for you and your family. A well deserved honour indeed. I share the sentiments of those who made the following comments:
    “Your enormous contribution to Judaism, to music and to the world at large can never be fully acknowledged. But this is welcome, well deserved recognition of vital achievement in a troubled world.”, ” We know of no one more deserving of this great honour.”, “Congratulations on this great honour! May you continue to teach and uplift us for many more years to come!”
    Best wishes.

  • Eleanor Steinberg

    Congratulations Beny on this wonderful honour bestowed on you. A very well deserved tribute to be sure.
    Eleanor Steinberg


    congratulations on a well deserved honor.i hope it will improve your prowess on the racquetball court.

  • Liz and Reuben Bromstein

    Beny: Congratulations on a well-deserved honour. You have certainly earned it.

    Cheers! Liz and Reuben

  • Vanessa Melman Yakobson

    Mazel Tov, Beny, and thank you for all you do for Holy Blossom and our larger Jewish community.
    Fondest regards,

  • Gert & Myra Jacobsohn

    To Beny, Hope & family our very best wishes. We knew you deserved it when we first heard you at Germantown J C 45 years ago. You made Jewish religious spirituality something to live by. It worked for us. Our children still talk about the influence you have had on them. Congratulations!

  • Liz and Reuben Bromstein

    Beny, wonderful news of your well deserved honour! You have earned it for all the work you have done.

    Cheers! Liz ans Reuben

  • Kay and Bill Rosenfeld

    Your enormous contribution to Judaism, to music and to the world at large can never be fully acknowledged. But this is welcome, well deserved recognition of vital achievement in a troubled world.
    Kay, Bill, Sarah, Lizzy, Max, Joanna.

  • sharon clavir

    you have brought our Temple to life for many years with your smile and your beautiful voice.

    This award is richly deserved

    sharon clavir

  • Margot & David Greenberg

    Nice to see the rest of the world is tuning in to a voice we have enjoyed for so long. Mazel Tov.

  • Corinne Black and Richard Vrooman

    Mazel Tov Beny. You are truly an inspiration to us all. You have brought jewish music to our souls and warmed our hearts with the sounds of your voice filling our sacred space and our community. Your work is world renowned and we are so lucky to have you alongside our clergy. To you, Hope and your family a well deserved honour.
    May you continue to go from strength to strength.

    Corinne and Richard

  • Earl and Pauline Wintraub

    Mazel Tov Beny
    You have always made Holy Blossom a special place for us and our family
    Good luck
    Pauline & Earl

  • Jeff Levinson

    After a long departure from HB ( Bar Mitzvah Rabbi Plaut) I attended my first High Holiday services and was mesmerized by your voice and presence. Congradulations!

  • Cantor Paul Dorman

    Fantastic Beny, you really deserve it! Mazal tov to you and of course to your temple. How lucky they are to have you. You are a beacon of light for all the world to see by.

  • Ruth Ellen Greenwood

    Dear Beny
    Mazel Tov to you and Hope and your family on this well deserved recognition. You bring inspiration to our congregation, honour to our Jewish community, and understanding to the world at large. Your musical knowledge and ability and your dedication have enriched us all. We are fortunate to hear your beautiful music during services, enjoy the amazing concerts you arrange, and learn so much about Judaism and music from everything you do. What an amazing accomplishment: preserving our Jewish music for future generations and healing the terrible wounds of the past! Our esteemed Cantor and beloved friend, we wish you continued success and fulfilment. May you always make beautiful music, and may we always enjoy it. Yasher Koach.
    Love, Ruth Ellen and Sheldon Greenwood and Family

  • Barbara Organ

    A wonderful honour, so well deserved! You have added immeasurably to life at Holy Blossom and to my life personally and I am very grateful to you.

  • Charles and Joy Cohen

    Mazel Tov Beny, “What a wonderful and well deserved tribute.
    Joy and Charles

  • Paula Perlmutar & Barry Oretsky

    Mazal Tov to You, Hope and the Family. Kol HaKavod!

  • Anna Trubashnik and Michael Zelding

    Mazal Tov Beny

  • Edward and Helen Sheffman

    What a well deserved and wonderful honour. Very happy for you and your family. Mazel Tov!

  • Lesley & Ron Miller

    Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! This award honours a very special, talented man who brings honour to Holy Blossom. So well deserved. We are so fortunate to have you as part of our Temple Family.
    Congratulations to you and Hope and the family.
    Lesley & Ron

  • hersh glickman


  • Millie and Sheldon Goldstein

    Congratulations Beny,
    What an exceptional honor. Mazal Tov to you and your family. We have always maintained that because of your voice and music, HBT is that much richer.

  • Seymour and Gloria Temkin

    A very warm mazaltov to you and your family on the recognition of your efforts and achievements. We are proud to be associated with you. We wish you good health and fulfillment in the coming years.

  • sami and james cooper

    Beny…congats…we are very proud of you and not deserve the honor….love from sunny florida …the Coopers

  • Lindi Rivers

    Beny, this is such a well-deserved honour. You are a true leader, unique in your knowledge, creativity and vision, and we have all benefitted. Kol Hakavod to you, Beny and Mazal Tov to your whole family.

    Lindi, Steve, Sophie and Talia

  • Carol & Robert Collin

    Dear Beny,
    We are so proud of your accomplishments as you must be. This honour is quite an achievement of international recognition, but we know you to be OUR “national” treasure and we wish for you to continue to be so, for many, many more years to come at Holy Blossom Temple! Mazel tov!

  • Beny Maissner

    My dear dear loyal friends
    I can not thank you enough for the blessings congratulations and love that you have shared with me shown me over the years.
    It is because of you all near and far friends and acquaintances that I am humbly receiving this honor. It is because of the our Synagogue and the community of Holy Blossom Temple, its Rabbis and leadership that enabled me to do this sacred work, in search an preserving Jewish music, our rich heritage. am so proud “My cup raneth over”

    Reply ↓

    • Rob Herman

      Congratulations on receiving such an honour! Your infectious enthusiasm for music has always been an insiparation to me and it is wonderful to see you get such recoginition from others.
      Rob Herman.

  • Davud Rosen


    A huge Mazal Tov to you on this prestigious honour. Your accomplishments are well deserved and you continue to be a beacon of excellence to our profession. Kol Hakavod!

    With great respect and admiration,
    David Rosen

  • saundra and henry sherman

    Mazel tov; We know of no one more deserving of this great honour. We are so fortunate to enjoy your wonder full talent. May you go from strength to strength fore many years to come in good health.

  • Barry and Susan Borden

    Dear Beny,
    Mazel tov on this well deserved and significant honour. You have always been inspirational to us and a true friend. Holy Blossom continues to benefit from your passion and excellence.
    Yacher koach,
    Susan and Barry

  • Janice Kerkkamp

    Congratulations, Beny! You have earned it. What a special honour!

  • Ali (Rosenbaum) Wasserman

    Mazal Tov! What a wonderful honor for an amazing Cantor! So proud to be able to say that I grew up with your beautiful melodies.

  • Cindy Hirschberg

    Mazel Tov Beny,
    Such an amazing accomplishment!!
    Thank you for always including myself and myfamily in your simchas.
    You showed me a total love and appreciation of music, of soul and if spirt!
    I have amazing memories of Havdalah services in your kitchen!!
    Knowing that music, light and spirt is everywhere around us. No matter where we are!
    You are an incredible person and I am proud to call you friend. I am proud to consider you family!!
    Mazel Tov to you and Hope.
    Love, Cindy Hirschberg

  • Janie and Frank Tizel

    Mazel Tov Beny
    This is lovely news. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments .

  • Kaylee Miller

    Cantor Maissner

    An honour so richly deserved. May you go from strength to strength.
    All the best

    Kaylee Miller

  • Andy and Sandi Schafer

    Dear Beny,
    You bring honour to us all. We are so fortunate to have you as our Chazzan.
    Your knowledge, deep love of Jewish music and your resourcefulness in sharing with us all is all part and parcel of your generous and spiritual nature. No one deserves this award more than you.
    Andy and Sandi Schafer

  • Rosemarie Berman

    Mazel tov Beny!! What a wonderful achievement!!
    All the best to you and family!

    Rosemarie Berman

  • Beny Maissner

    My dear dear loyal friends
    I can not thank you enough for the blessings congratulations and love that you have shared with me shown me over the years.
    It is because of you all near and far friends and acquaintances that I am humbly receiving this honor. It is because of the our Synagogue and the community of Holy Blossom Temple, its Rabbis and leadership that enabled me to do this sacred work, in search an preserving Jewish music, our rich heritage. am so proud “My cup raneth over”

  • Dr. Mildred Eisenberg and Family

    Congratulations, Cantor Maissner!

    We are very happy for you and your family! This is a superb and highly deserved honour for you, You are known and respected on the international cantorial music stage, and we are all proud that Holy Blossom is your home. Enjoy this honour in good health always!
    Dr. Mildred Eisenberg and Family.

  • Gordon & Toby Ciglen

    Beny, Congratulations!
    You have earned and deserve every Tribute and Honour that have been given to you.

    Mazal Tov to you, Hope and all the family.

    Gary & Toby

  • Jack and Sybil geller

    Our dearest Beny…we are so very proud to have you as a friend and as our cantor these many years. This recognition is merited…you have worked hard in

    • Jack (Hon. President) & Sybil Geller

      this recognition comes as no surprise to Jack—he recognized your talent over 30 years ago……we wish you . Hope, your beautiful family and your Holy Blossom family MAZEL TOV. may you long continue to bring us joy

  • Sara Charney

    Dear Beny, What a beautiful honour and so well deserved! We are blessed to call you our own, but, in fact, the world recognizes your outstanding musicianship. Mazel Tov to you, Hope and the family.

  • Linda Wolfe

    Dear Beny,
    Mazal Tov on this well deserved honour. I am so happy for you. Your music continues to be an inspiration .
    Much love,

  • Naomi Bell

    Dear Beny,
    For more than thirty years you have inspired your congregants with your beautiful voice, your vast musical knowledge, your wonderful choirs, and your warm presence on the Bimah.
    Congratulations on this great honour! May you continue to teach and uplift us for many more years to come!
    Naomi Bell

  • Linda and Abe Neufeld

    Beny, Mazel Tov! You are our true hero, we are so proud of you!
    We love you. Ahuva & Abe Neufeld

  • Emily Albert

    Mazal tov Cantor Maissner! Well deserved!!

  • Etienne and Aubrey Kaplan

    Mazaltov on this wonderful honour. Well deserved.

  • Eva Ormut-Fleishman & Philip Fleishman

    Dear Beny,
    A huge Mazal Tov on your outstanding accomplishment.
    Not only have you been Holy Blossom’s guiding musical light,
    you’ve educated so many of us not only musically but in the
    ways of Torah.
    Yasher Koach! And congratulations as well to Hope and your family.

  • Lily and Reuben Katz

    Cantor Maissner,
    Our heartiest Mazeltov on this greatly deserved Honour.

    Best regards
    Lily and Reuben Katz

  • Stan and Marlene Stein

    Dear Beny. Congratulations on the special award from Germany. It reflects your great distinction, and the important role you play at the international level of preserving our Jewish heritage for future generations, while helping to heal the wounds of the past. Mazel tov and our best wishes for your continuing success.
    Stan and Marlene

  • Alex franklin

    Hope media is invited to record this historic event. What about a recording?

    • admin

      Media has been invited. Video and photos will be taken.

  • Alex franklin

    An historic event. Will media be invited.suggest send pic plus report to uk j.chrinicle.what about a recording?

  • Arlene Roth

    MAZEL TOV, Cantor Maissner, Hope and family. I look forward to celebrating with our congregation when you receive this meaningful, momentous honour from the German Consul General. Who would have ever thought such a thing possible 75 years ago.

  • Francie and Martin Storm

    Dear Beny
    What a wonderful honour and well deserved. Mazel Tov.
    Unfortunately we won’t be able to be at this special ceremony. Our thoughts will be with you.
    Francie and Marty

  • Richard and Joan Gladstone

    Congratulations on a well deserved honour. Mazel Tov

  • gloria wunder

    We are all proud of your well deserved honour!!! Harvey Borden Gloria Wunder

  • Heather and Allan Halpert

    Mazel tov, Beny!!!!!!
    We are extremely proud to have you as our esteemed and loved cantor and friend. This honour is so well deserved!!!!
    See you on the 23rd.

  • Lloyd Duckman

    Mazel Tov!
    Your talent and energy has brought honour to yourself and our Congregation.
    Lloyd Duckman

  • Pnina Margolese

    What a fantastic honour and so well deserved. Where ever I go in the Reform world, everyone is always saying how lucky we are here at Holy Blossom to have such a remarkable Cantor. It is why I belong and why I love to sing with you. You are very special, not only to your family, your choir but to the whole reform movement. Yasher Koach! Love

  • Phyllis and Alan

    Beny (and Hope): Although honours are never to be taken lightly, for us and for our family,your well-deserved “kovet” has been delayed for over 35 years. Since the first time we heard your voice we knew someone special had entered our lives and those feelings have only increased with each passing year.
    The physical honour may come from Germany, but our congregation has really been the place where your legacy will emanate from. Without you and all you have exposed us to within the pantheon of Jewish music, you deserve our respect and our blessings every day. Till 120. The Wintraubs.


    With my sincere congratulations on this wonderful honour. Mimi Hollenberg

  • Bob & Lyn Klotz

    Beny – Huge congratulations for this eminent recognition and award. To do what one loves is a very fortunate thing in this world. But to also be recognized in such a fashion — that’s the best.

  • Gerald & Judy Slan

    Dear Beny. Our warmest congratulations on receiving the Order of Merit. For these many years you have brought great honour not only to yourself, but also to the entire Holy Blossom congregation. We’ll be away on the 23rd but will celebrate with you in absentia.

  • Fran and Bernie Goldman

    Our warmest, fondest and deepest congratulations to Beny. Your contributions to the preservation of cantorial music and to each and every Temple service are immense.

  • Suzie Lyon

    Mazel Tov Beny — what an outstanding honour. You deserve every recognition possible from everywhere possible for the incredible gift of music that you bring to all who are lucky enough to hear you and learn from you. You have always made Jewish music come alive, and have always brought that special touch that makes services feel special. I’m sorry to have to miss the award ceremony as we have school here on Sundays of course, but I’ll be “cheering” for you along with the crowd. Much affection, Suzie Lyon & family

  • Earl and Jordanna Lipson

    Mazal Tov to our wonderful, joyful, talented, dedicated, and world-renowned Cantor Maissner!! You bring us all great pride. Thank you for your immense contribution to Holy Blossom!

  • Arthur and Freda Ariella Muscovitch

    Kol Hakavod Beny,

    We are lucky to have you in our Temple, and amongst us in Israel (we shall not forget Temple Singers and the 40th anniversary of Israel in Jerusalem), or the world. Keep on preserving our music Beny!
    Arthur and Freda Ariella Muscovitch

  • M.Paul Halpern

    Mazel Tov on your receiving such an honourable distinction. I would say it is well deserved, not in only the passion with which you brought so much to the prayers and songs you shared at the shul, but in the humanity and sensitivity that you brought with you.

    I remember on the occasion of both of my daughters Rachel and Samantha, the kindness, caring and support that you offered a young girl about to become a young women in the eyes of the congregation.

    Thank you so much for that and all the rest that you have contributed to make the Holy Blossom and truly personal experience for my family while we were members.

    Again my best wishes,

    M.Paul Halpern
    Retired Architect/Professor

  • Francie and Paul Hellen

    This is a wonderful recognition for the superb work you have accomplished for them and for us.
    We wish you all the best for continued successes.
    We hope to be there to witness the presentation and give you our warm wishes in person.
    F & P

  • Bill and Judi

    Mazel Tov. While Judi and I cannot be with you at the presentation ceremonies, we want you to know that international recognition of your work and services on behalf of the Jewish community are long overdue.

  • Elaine and Marv Givertz

    Triple Mazel Tov! The wonderful spirit of music you have brought to our Temple is appreciated around the world! We all feel so proud of yor accomplishments.
    Elaine and Marv Givertz

  • Marta and Sydney Collins


  • Dr. Frank Pulver & Dr. Annalee Cohen

    Mazel Tov Beny. It is a great achievement!
    Recognition well deserved!!!

  • Elliott Jacobson and Judy Malkin

    Mazal Tov! Wherever we travel in the Reform/Liberal world, everyone knows “our” Beny – and for good reason. This is a wonderful honour and we are so proud of you. Enjoy!

  • Roseanne Mason

    Mazel Tov!! Couldn’t happen to a better guy! We all who know and love you are “shlepping naches”!
    Hope to see you soon.

  • Kathy and Maurice

    Dear Beny,
    Mazal tov on this very special honour and I can add:
    Viel Glück und viel Segen auf all Deinen Wegen!

    Kathy and Maurice

  • Marlene & Robert Ruderman

    Mazel tov. This honour is well-deserved.

  • Denise Gordon

    Congratulations to Beny and to lovely Hope on this achievement. I will not be able to celebrate with you but wish you a hearty Mazel Tov on this and all future endeavours.

  • Tobye and Sydney Sennet

    Mazel Tov!
    We are certain that this is a well deserved recognition and appreciation of your hard work and efforts.

  • Harriet Wolman and Henry Liss

    What an amazing honour! Your contribution to our Temple, not only with your wonderful music, has brought warmth and humanity to our religious family. Mazel Tov.

  • Lynn Burton

    So well deserved. Congratulations!!

  • Dalia Alalouf

    Mazal Tov!
    What a remarkable achievement. Enjoy and celebrate.

    • Gordon & Toby Ciglen

      Beny, what wonderful news!
      You have earned and deserve all these tributes and honours.

      Mazal tov to you, Hope and all the family.

      Gary & Toby

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