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To be launched January, 2015

Rabbi Yael Splansky and Lisa Taylor, Founder of Challenge Factory 

What’s Jewish about Jewish Leadership?  How to lead in a secular world, Jewishly?
The Leadership Institute is an innovative four month course designed for congregants in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Together we will explore how Jewish values can strengthen your professional leadership as well as how you may wish to offer your leadership to strengthen the Jewish community.

The course will run for 13 sessions, approximately 3 out of 4 Wednesday evenings from January 7 – April 29, 2015.  It will feature text-based learning, discussion, hands-on experiments to try back at the office, and a unique opportunity to establish a strong network of leaders you might not otherwise have a chance to meet.  Tuition is $265.


We are seeking nominations of exceptional and emerging leaders who have will bring strength to Holy Blossom Temple and the greater Jewish community.

Contact JoAnne Polito at the Temple for a hardcopy and for submissions.​  

Jewish Leadership Institute at Holy Blossom Temple: Course Outline

Experience a dynamic, timely and meaningful curriculum built for Jewish leaders today.

Class # Date Circle of Leadership Midah- Core Value
1 Jan 7 L’Atzmo – Self and Your Leadership Responsibility
2 Jan 14 Humility
3 Jan 21 Shem Tov – Your name, your brand
4 Feb 4 L’Kehillah – Community and Team Leadership Dealing with Stress and Finding Balance
5 Feb 11 Derekh Eretz –Ethics in Action
6 Feb 18 Continuous Learning
7 Feb 25 Believing in those you Lead
8 March 18 L’Am – Peoplehood and Your Extended Network Timing and Pace
9 March 25 Partnership and Collaboration
10 April 1 Power of Words
11 April 15 L’Olam – The World Leading in Service
12 April 22 Future-focused / Vision
13 April 29 L’Atzmo – Self and Your Leadership Celebration of Intentions


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