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ברית ק״ק פרחי קדש

Brit Kehillah Kedoshah Pirchei Kodesh
A Covenant of Belonging
Holy Blossom Temple

B’resheet –  “In the beginning.” –  בראשית

Know the stories of Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto’s first synagogue.  They are colourful stories, which speak of a congregation that has constantly sought out that good tension, that perfect balance between innovation and tradition. Take pride in this legacy.  Treat it as your own. (Click here for Professor Irving Abella’s “A Brief History of Holy Blossom Temple’s First 150 Years.)

Shmot –  “These are the names.” –  שמות

Today we are 5,266 names, 5,266 villagers.  See one another, notice one another, listen to one another.  For we are not only fellow Jews, but fellow congregants and we depend on one another – for comfort when we suffer, for simcha when we rejoice, for inspiration when we are bored, for moral uplift when we have our doubts. Let’s take pride in one another.

VaYikra –  “And God called out.” – ויקרא

Answer the call.  Increase your own constellation of mitzvot.  What might you do this year?  Take on a new mitzvah in the area of Torah (Learning), Avodah (Prayer), Gemilut Chasadim (Acts of Loyalty and Kindness).  Everyone has something to learn and something to teach, something to give and something to receive.  Add your individual strength to our collective strength.  That’s what it takes.

B’Midbar –  “In a wilderness.” – במדבר

We are on a journey.  See your own personal Jewish journey and your family’s Jewish journey within the context of our congregation’s journey.  Surrounding us all are even wider concentric circles.  Be mindful of the unfolding journey of the Toronto Jewish community, global Jewry and The State of Israel.  In order to advance our common cause and drive closer toward our shared destination, everyone must walk with courage and with a whole heart.

D’varim – “These are the words…” – דברים

Today we offer up private words of commitment and conviction for the sake of generations yet to come.  Today with our eyes of the future of this congregation, we make a public pledge to cultivate young leadership, to build a place for our young families, to provide the finest education for our youth.  We call this:  Renewal.  “Renewal of Space and Spirit.”  Because we sense that it is not only essential, but also absolutely possible, there is an outpouring of good will and the future is bright. This Rosh HaShanah, this Day of the New Year we open a new chapter in the Book of Life for Holy Blossom Temple.  We are fellow travelers, travel companions.  As we begin a new stage along our journey, let’s offer up Tefillat HaDerech, The Traveller’s Prayer (Siddur Pirchei Kodesh, page 467)

May it be Your will, Adonai our God and God of our ancestors, that You guide us in Shalom.  May the journey to our destination be peaceful.  May we arrive full of life, joy, and Shalom; and may You eventually lead us home again, fulfilled. Please protect us from every danger and threat along the way. Bless our mission.  May we enjoy the grace, loyalty, and compassion that You and others have to offer.  Listen to our voice and our concerns, for You are the God who hears prayer. Baruch Atah, Adonai, Praised are You, who hearkens to prayer.

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