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November 9, 2014

Marrying Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris

Nineteen year old Chani, from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in London, England, is learning from the rabbi’s wife, Rivka, about what she needs to know as a Jewish wife. Of course, questions arise and draw us in to this story that ultimately, revolves around choice

Between Gods by Alison Pick

Between Gods by Alison Pick

December 14, 2014

A Guide For the Perplexed  by Dara Horn

This book is set in modern day Egypt and entwines three major narratives as told by the sisters Josie and Judith Ashkenazi who have experienced sibling rivalry for years. The three strands of history explored here include the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers, that of Moses Maimonides and lastly, the story of a Cambridge professor, Solomon Schecter.

January 18, 2015

Between Gods by Alison Pick

The author, who will coming to speak at Holy Blossom in February, learned as a teen that her grandparents were Jewish and many relatives had died in the war. Her own dad hadn’t known this and once he ‘d learned of it, kept it a secret also.

In her 30’s, Pick began to delve into her past and began the process of identifying as a Jew and learning the meaning of faith as she struggles to make sense of her life.

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