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Cynthia Good

Cynthia Good

Cynthia Good,
Professor Emeritus, Humber College.

Tuesdays, October 7 – October 28, 2014 – 10:00 a.m.

We will look at two of Cynthia’s favourite books.

In The Afterlife of Stars, Joe Kertes, provides an intriguing sequel to his novel Gratitude. The Beck family flees Hungary in 1956, escaping to the Paris, for a seeming journey of adventure, but minefields both real and imagined confront them. The darkness of life is balanced with an awareness of life’s wonders.

Second Person Singular by Sayed Kashua (Israel) is our second book.

A Palestinian who writes in Hebrew, Sayed Kashua defies classification and breaks through cultural barriers. He communicates, with enormous emotional power and a keen sense of the absurd. This book  is a deliciously complex psychological mystery and a searing dissection of the individuals that comprise a divided society.

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  • Joanne Godel Blatt

    Is there an evening session?

  • Phyllis Wintraub

    I would alert all book lovers to these sessions with Cynthia Good.
    This group has been ongoing for several year–and those who
    have participated in the past, look forward each fall to see
    what Cynthia has come up with to read, discuss,etc. Her insights
    always bring more to the book than one could uncover oneself. Added
    to that are the opinions of the participants, which are heartily welcomed
    and respectively received by all.

    If you want a literary and eye opening start to the New Year, don’t miss this opportunity to study with Cynthia. You won’t regret it.

  • Debbie Spiegel

    Cynthia is an amazing teacher and always brings interesting and thoughtful books to the table. Please join for a wonderful program and conversation.

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