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By Debbie Spiegel.

In the last few days I have heard from a few of our former Shinshinim – some who have been called to the front and others who are still serving in the army. We have heard from Yaniv and Or, and if you would like to post a comment to any of our Shinshinim alumni, we will be happy to forward to them all. We continue to pray for shalom al Yisrael – peace in Israel.

From Yaniv Cohen (Shinshin 2009-2010)

As for us, it isn’t easy with all the missiles… I was drafted to the reserve 12 days ago… So down here we have much more CODE RED then in tel aviv area… Hopefully I won’t have any work (I am a medic).

From Or Shalem (Shinshin 2011-12)

Thank you very much!
As you know those days are very intense but everyone working hard to finish it soon as possible… a lot of friends are in Gaza right now so we are just praying it will finish with minimum loss.

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