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7 July 2014.

In 2009, a Governance Committee was formed by the Board of Directors  to review the structure and manner by which Holy Blossom Temple is governed.  That review has now been completed and the Report of the Governance Committee and the Executive Summary of that Report have now been approved by the Board of Directors for submission to the Congregation.  It is hoped that the Report, now presented for your review, will provide the basis for the way in which the Congregation carries on its important work.  The focus of the Report has been on responsibility, clarity and transparency, so that all in the Congregation will be able effectively to participate in, and easily understand the governance of the Temple.

The Committee has tried to outline a continuing governance model in which the Congregation, the Board, the Clergy, Temple staff and the attendant Departments and Committees work in coherent harmony to enhance the role which Holy Blossom Temple plays in all our lives.

Some of the recommendations will require amendment to the By-Law of the Temple, a legal process which requires submission of the new By-law to the Congregation for approval at the annual general meeting in November.  For now, our aim is to present the Report to you for your review and comment.

It has been a long process which will continue to evolve.  The Committee began its work following its formation in 2009.  A stage has been reached but the quest for constant improvement will continue.  Your input is important.  The Committee could not have done its work without the large contribution from the URJ and others beyond Holy Blossom and of those within the Congregation who have, throughout Temple history, worked so hard to make the Temple the outstanding institution that it is.

A Congregational meeting will be held in September at which those interested will have the opportunity to discuss the Report.  Until then, please contact any of us or give us your comments at: [email protected].

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Heather Crawford
Tom Friedland
Lynn Gluckman
Merle Kriss
Carole Sterling

Bill Rosenfeld
Chair, Governance Committee

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