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נוסד ועוצב על ידי דוד ברנר ז״ל
Logo image designed by founder David Brener Z”L


Bonding of lovers of Neginah
Organization founded by David Brener z”l

“Reb” David Mordechai ben Moshe and Hinda Sobel Brener was my beloved Uncle, my mother’s brother.  A passionate religious Zionist and humble man, steeped in Jewish tradition, he possessed a unique warm-hearted voice. Although not vocally trained, he was a master of T’fillah, profoundly well-versed in “Nussach Hat’filah”, the Art of Jewish prayer modes. From childhood onwards, I stood next to him listening to every nuance of his deeply devotional way of praying and carrying out the deep meaning of each prayer. You could hear a pin drop when he intoned any section of liturgy appropriate for each occasion. He knew the ins and outs of every twist and angle of liturgy.

My Uncle David was a passionate lover of Hazzanuth the Cantorial Art. In the early days of the State of Israel when the Israel’s broadcasting “KOL ISRAEL”, the voice of Israel, did not have sufficient Cantorial music in the archives, it was his collections of hundreds of records that were borrowed for broadcasting. He knew and welcomed into his home every Jewish Hazzan and Yiddish singer and theatre personality visiting Israel.

In 1952, David, with a few highly motivated lovers of the Cantorial Art established a foundation, LACHAN, which means “Melody” in Hebrew. The deeper and more profound meaning of the word LACHAN was the creation of its logo. In the background is a tuning fork, these words:  “A Gathering of Lovers of Neginah”. The slogan LACHAN and its acronym became the real spiritual inspiration for the Musical Society which my beloved Uncle David created. Concerts, lectures, gatherings and warm welcoming parties for all guests and local artists was the main source of rich cultural nourishment in Israel during the 50s and 60s.

It was this profound impact on my life that I had the vision to memorialize my Uncle David’s name by establishing the present Chamber Choir now celebrating its 20th anniversary LACHAN. My vision was and is to continue the path that he started, of teaching, educating and preserving our rich Jewish musical heritage and spread its message of tolerance and peace. Music as a language carries with it a universal message of peace.

“Yehi Zichro Baruch” may the memory of my beloved Uncle David Brener z’l be for a blessing.

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