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Merle Kriss

Merle Kriss

By Merle Kriss.

This important exercise was undertaken as part of a Temple governance review process which has taken place over several years. A draft was developed by a small committee using a process set out by the URJ and with examples from other synagogues. In creating this draft for our Holy Blossom Temple we were guided as well by responses we received from you as part of the survey which was undertaken last year and also by reports from the many individual and group meetings that formed part of the renewal process.

The statement of identity is meant to define our shared values, what and who we are and what we aspire to be as a congregation. As such it will guide our communal life and help our board and senior staff set priorities that reflect our values. It is a living document as, as such, will be formally reviewed from time to time to ensure that it remains relevant as our world changes.

This statement of identity belongs to all of us. Your responses matter and they will shape the final product. We would ask that you give us your feedback by June 15, 2014. Thereafter we will meet again as a working group to shape both the words and the form of the final version.

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    Well done Merle! Brava. We want to reflect lots of interests, caring and sharing, tikkun olum.

    I also remember way back when our religious school classes were moved to accomodate expansion.

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