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Jessica Baldachin

Jessica Baldachin

Hello everyone my name is Jessica Baldachin, I am a 5th generation Holy Blossomer and I have two younger siblings that still go here. I started attending religious school at the age of 6, because I came in grade 1 and I have stuck with it until now, grade 10. Now to most people this building is a place of prayer, a place that is welcome and does only good to those around it. This building shelters the less fortunate in its Out of the Cold program, it feeds the hungry, rejoices the bride and groom.

And I know I’m sounding like one of the commandment prayers here but it’s true! And sure all of those things I think of too when I think of HBT but the first thing that comes to my mind is home. Ever since I remember, coming here has naturally been a part of my weekly routine! We all went from coming on Sunday mornings and having music sessions with Mike and David playing guitar in the services sometimes featuring Judy, to coming on Wednesdays and going for evening services and now on Mondays where we learn about our history as Jewish people and we speak to people that work around the synagogue!

Like for example a few weeks ago we met two lovely ladies who told us all about our new prayer book! But I want everyone to imagine being told they can no longer stay in their house anymore but they can work in their house on Sundays only. Crazy right? Well sadly this is the horrifying reality for grade 10 students such as myself. So many memories will follow me through my life that has come from here; all the I owe yous (for snack) I probably still owe Lisa cause I’m usually broke. KLIK, our Israel trip, the wrath of Debbie when we don’t hand in our forms in time, Debbie being sad cause she wasn’t in the KLIK, Debbie doing her happy dance when she found out she got in the KLIK (FYI: KLIK is an Israeli chocolate candy that comes in a little bag. They are absolutely amazing and you can buy them at local stores and I suggest you all go buy some!!), my Bat Mitzvah and the nightmare preparing for it, all dances Elijah and I would put on for Geri and every night in Israel , the dance Elijah, Michelle and I made to Michael’s song and Rabbis Rosenberg and Thomashow who are no longer with us.

And I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to Debbie and Lisa and all of my teachers rabbis, Cantor Maissner and everyone else who has helped make all of those memories possible, I’ll never forget them! Oh and Lisa, I will pay you back eventually.

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