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By Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

Thursday, May 22, 2014
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Join Ann Rosenfield, Mark S. Anshan, Rabbi Yael Splansky and many others as they live for 5 days on $1.75 a day, and support their attempt to raise awareness for issues of global poverty by Living Below the Line and joining for a “Dine Below the Line” community dinner.  Feel free to come if you are taking the 5 day challenge or not.  If you are taking the 5 day challenge, sign up to join the HBT team here.

Change the way you think about extreme poverty by Dining Below The Line. Enjoy a creative meal while engaging in this innovative, interactive experience that provides a small insight into the challenges faced by those living in extreme poverty.  Learn about how global extreme poverty has been halved in the past 30 years to 1.2 billion people and how Ve’ahavta’s poverty alleviation initiatives create a ripple effect locally, nationally and globally.

Ticket sales will go directly to Ve’ahavta poverty alleviation programs.

Contact information: Rabbi Jordan Helfman: [email protected] and Ve’ahavta Live Below The Line Coordinator: [email protected]

To make a donation to the Holy Blossom Team or join them visit:

Have questions about Dine Below The Line Community Dinner? Contact Ve’ahavta

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