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Erev Pesach, 5774
April 14, 2014

Announcement from the Temple Board
Re: Senior Rabbi Appointment

Dear Fellow Congregants:

It is my great pleasure to inform you that Holy Blossom Temple’s Board of Directors has appointed Rabbi Yael Splansky as our congregation’s next Senior Rabbi.

From the start of our search process, we were committed to identifying a Senior Rabbi who sets high standards for congregational life and inspires us to pursue them. Rabbi Splansky stands for intellectual rigour, shows personal warmth and magnetism and connects with people at every stage of life. She motivates the Holy Blossom team of lay and professional leadership and can proudly represent our congregation beyond the 1950 Bathurst Street address. Our Board wholeheartedly believes that Rabbi Splansky is the right person to lead Holy Blossom Temple forward into the future.

Rabbi Splansky has a great appreciation for Holy Blossom’s past and a deep understanding of our unique place in the Canadian landscape and in the Reform Movement. As a fourth generation Reform Rabbi, she knows how to strike the delicate balance between innovation and tradition. As a mother of three with her eyes on the future, she believes large congregations, like Holy Blossom Temple, are best equipped to craft a bold vision and to captivate the imagination of the next generation.

The Right Leader for Holy Blossom Temple Now

Rabbi Splansky has led our congregation through a trying time of transition. She has provided stability, attracted additional professionals who bring their own strengths to the table and reinvigorated our commitment to Renewal of Space and Spirit. Thanks to the many volunteers and professionals who have joined her, Holy Blossom Temple is now poised to embrace its future. She says: “My recent work has been to stabilize the congregation. Now my task is to mobilize.”

As our thirteenth Senior Rabbi in our 158-year history, we are extremely proud that Rabbi Splansky is one of our own. Brought to Holy Blossom sixteen years ago, Rabbi Splansky has served our congregation steadfastly and always with distinction. She constantly reminds us that the sacred task of a synagogue is to bring meaning, relevance and joy to Jewish life. She has brought leadership and wisdom to nearly every area of Temple life. She has earned the trust of our families as she has stood with us at the chuppah, at the graveside, at the Torah, at the sick bed, in the classroom, at camp, and in Israel. We have come to appreciate that these relationships are what animates meaningful congregational life.

Rabbi Daniel Freelander, Senior Vice-President, Union for Reform Judaism, who has been an ongoing advisor to the Temple’s leadership, echoes those sentiments:

“As the current Acting Senior Rabbi, you already know Rabbi Splansky as an attentive and caring Rabbinic Pastor. Now you’ll get to see her reshape Holy Blossom in that image. You know Rabbi Splansky as a clear and brilliant speaker. Now you’ll get to watch her place her imprint on our larger Temple community. You know Rabbi Splansky as an inspiring teacher of the Torah. Now you’ll get to watch her as a designer of new Jewish learning initiatives. You know Rabbi Splansky as an incredible human being. Now you’ll get to know her as an incredible leader.”

This is a historic move on the part of Holy Blossom Temple. Rabbi Freelander has, in fact, noted that this appointment contributes to a tipping point within the Reform Jewish Movement where, in the past year alone, congregations have chosen women in more than half of all the openings for high-profile Senior Rabbi positions.

With Rabbi Splansky as our spiritual leader, we look forward to writing the next chapter of Holy Blossom’s story, together. Let us continue to deepen our commitments to one another and to Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto’s first synagogue.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Rabbi Splansky to her new role.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach,

Dr. Harvey Schipper
President, Board of Directors
Holy Blossom Temple


[toggle title=”Q: How was the search process managed?”] A: A thorough and thoughtful process has brought us to this exciting moment. The Search Committee underwent a comprehensive search process, in accordance with URJ’s recommendations, received many applications and interviewed a number of candidates. Throughout the process, the Search Committee and the Temple Board have acted with a level of insight, seriousness and integrity that our congregation expects and deserves. We thank each and every one of them for devoting so much time and care for Holy Blossom Temple.

When we announced that we would be conducting a search for a new Senior Rabbi, many congregants wondered why we’d do such a thing with Rabbi Splansky in our midst. Others – including Rabbi Splansky herself – understood the benefits of undertaking a thorough search. Now that the process is concluded, the Board is confident that Rabbi Splansky is the right Senior Rabbi for Holy Blossom Temple today.

We are delighted by how many voices were heard from within our congregation over the course of this process. Our congregational survey, on-line dialogue, multiple congregational meetings, countless letters and conversations over coffee garnered many impassioned and thoughtful responses, which clarified the qualities we collectively value in a Senior Rabbi. We sought out advice and guidance from the top leadership of the URJ and the CCAR too and we are very grateful for their support.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Why was Rabbi Splansky chosen for this position?”] A: Rabbi Splansky is a person of action. So many areas of Temple life have her stamp. She initiated the recent expansion our Early Childhood Centre; she established our weekday morning minyan, our Bikur Cholim Committee, our Monday program for seniors, our Generation Aleph outreach initiative for young professionals and emerging leaders, our Holy Sprouts CSA, Beyond the Chuppah for newlywed couples, and Shaarei Kehillah, the centerpiece of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program. The publication of our exquisite 600-page prayerbook, Siddur Pirchei Kodesh, is the finest example of Rabbi Splansky’s scholarship. Her written and spoken words – in sermons, eulogies, addressing those called to the bima — are savoured as she speaks with knowledge and love of the tradition. Rabbi Splansky has also proven to be a gifted fundraiser by personalizing the contributions, such as Jacob’s Tower.

Rabbi Splansky is a person of integrity. Having earned the admiration of her colleagues, Rabbi Splansky is known locally as the immediate past chair of the Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto, nationally as a monthly columnist for the Canadian Jewish News and, internationally, as a contributing writer to the Union for Reform Judaism’s “10-minutes of Torah,” reaching a readership of 40,000. She has been selected by her colleagues to serve on multiple committees of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR); and by Hebrew Union College (HUC-JIR) to be a mentor to rabbinical students and young rabbis across North America. Rabbi Splansky is recognized far and wide as one of the shining lights of the Reform Movement. We are fortunate to be able to call her our rabbi.

Rabbi Splansky is a person who pursues personal growth and lifelong learning. She is often invited to join in the finest learning initiatives like the Hartman Institute, the Lola Stein Institute, the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management for Renewed Jewish Leaders, which she will attend this fall in partnership with our new Executive Director, Russ Joseph.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How many other candidates were considered and can you tell us who applied?”] A: The Search Committee received many applications. In order to respect the privacy of candidates and the integrity of the search process, the names of candidates and the deliberations of the Search committee were kept confidential.

While it would be inappropriate for us to publicly share information about other candidates, we can share that the search was fulsome and that the number of applicants was consistent with recent Senior Rabbi searches at other large urban congregations. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: When does the appointment take place?”] A: Rabbi Splansky will take the position immediately. Her official title will be “Senior Rabbi Designate” until June 30, 2015 as Rabbi Moscowitz carries the title of “Senior Rabbi” until then. On July 1, 2015, Rabbi Moscowitz will become our Rabbi Emeritus and Rabbi Splansky will receive the title of “Senior Rabbi.”

Currently, there are a number of transition activities being undertaken, including launching integration efforts to welcome Rabbi Splansky to her new role as our Senior Rabbi. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How long is the term of her appointment?”] A: Holy Blossom Temple has adopted the URJ/CCAR framework of term contracts for Rabbinic appointments and, as such, with this appointment Rabbi Splansky has accepted a 4-year renewable term.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: Who will be our next Associate Rabbi?”] A: Past President, Morris Cooper is the chair of the Assistant/Associate Rabbi Search Committee. Together with Rabbi Splansky, the committee is working with the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) to meet a number of candidates and recommend the finest talent to the board.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: Is this the first time a woman leads such a large congregation?”] A: In 1980, Holy Blossom Temple broke new ground by bringing Rabbi Joan Friedman to be the first woman rabbi in Canada; and now Rabbi Splansky will be the first woman to hold the Senior Rabbinic position at Holy Blossom. However, this is not new. Today many women are leading congregations – small, medium, and large — throughout the Jewish world. In fact, Rabbi Freelander has noted that Rabbi Splansky’s appointment marks a tipping point within the Reform Movement where in the past year congregations have chosen women for more than half of all the high-profile Senior Rabbi positions.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How is the exciting news being communicated?”] A: On Monday morning we are meeting with the Temple Staff in person and emailing the entire congregation. An announcement will be launched on the Holy Blossom website before Pesach, but the wider community and media will be notified after Yom Tov. There will be many opportunities to celebrate, including a springtime Holy Blossom Open House Meeting.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How can we show our support?”]

A: Come around. Join Rabbi Splansky on Shabbat and Yom Tov, for Torah study, and the wide array of offerings Holy Blossom Temple is known for. And bring a friend! The word is out that Holy Blossom Temple is embracing its future by launching its Renewal Project. Bring a friend, relative, or neighbour to join us and be a part of it. One good thing leads to another.

Volunteer. Let Rabbi Splansky and/or our Hineini Committee know of your unique talents and interests. Everyone has a gift to bring to strengthen our congregational life.

Contribute. In order to reach our aspirations for the coming year, our annual congregational appeal must be successful. Please show Rabbi Splansky your enthusiasm for the good things to come and be generous.[/toggle]

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  • Lesley and David Reuben

    We are so very happy for you. Mazel Tov!!!

  • Lorraine Sandler

    Our affection and respect for you is clearly mirrored in the decision of the selection committee at Holy Blossom. Alan and I wish you great strength and continued wisdom in this marvelous appointment.

  • Claudio Rudnicki

    Mazel Tov Rabbi Splansky, we as a congregation are very fortunate to have you among us.

  • Sheila Zane

    Mazel tov and best wishes to Rabbi Splanski. I am thrilled and delighted on her being chosen senior rabbi of Holy Blossom Temple.

  • Charles and Joy Cohen

    Mazel Tov on this momentous occasion. Charles and I are delighted with your appointment as seniour Rabbi, Yael, and we wish you and your family all the best in the years to come. With your continued leadership, we look forward to the legacy of commitment to Jewish learning, spiritual growth and communal involvement with which Holy Blossom Temple has always been known. Yasher Yoach!!

  • Lauren Malach and David Sax

    Yasher Koach to Rabbi Splansky and all those who participated in ensuring this community has the leadership it needs for the next generation.

  • Joan and Ray Moses

    Dear Rabbi Splansky,
    What wonderful news arrived just before the Seder. We have put an orange on the Seder plate in your honour! We are thrilled that your grace, warmth, intelligence and many skills will be with us for years to come. We wish you strength and good health throughout.
    Joan & Ray Moses

  • Lynn Burton

    Ricky and I are very happy to hear the news, Rabbi Splansky, and wish you a hearty mazel tov on your appointment.

  • Pam and Greg Hamovitch

    Congratulations Rabbi Splansky! I look forward to working along with you as we have for so many years. On behalf of Greg and myself and all the teachers from the Early Childhood Centre, Mazel Tov! May you continue to be an inspiration to all in our community.
    Pam and Greg Hamovitch and Family

  • Eleanor and Peter Loebel

    Dear Rabbi,
    We came home to this special news and want to extend our very best wishes to you and your family. We know that Holy Blossom and we will be/ are in good hands.
    Looking forward to greeting you in person,
    Ellie and Peter L.

  • Elaine and Marv Givertz

    Dear Rabbi Splansky
    We were so pleased to hear that you have been selected to be our Senior Rabbi. How fortunate for us to have you at the helm.
    Mazel Tov.
    Elaine and Marv Givertz

  • Jane Rendely

    Mazel tov Rabbi Splansky!!! We are blessed to have you lead us into the future. Thank you for accepting this important position.
    With affection,
    Jane Rendely

  • Dr. Mildred Eisenberg and Family

    Mazel tov, Rabbi Yael Splansky!
    My family and I are delighted at learning of your newest achievementI
    !t is gratifying to know that your worth is so appreciated by our HBT Board and Congregation. Congratulations to you and your lovely family!
    May you continue for a long time to be our Senior Rabbi, our spiritual leader in good health always.
    Mildred Eisenberg, and Family

  • [email protected]

    What a wise and wonderful selection! Rabbi Splansky has always been an inspiration to the membership of Holy Blossom, guiding us through difficult times and bringing us to new shores where we may look to the future with optimism and confidence, We look forward to a long association under her leadership. Congratulaions. May our congregation continue to flourish!
    Carl and Virginia Solomon

  • Sharon Sobel

    I join with my Holy Blossom family (no matter where I am, HBT will always remain “home”) in extending a hearty Mazal Tov to Rabbi Yael Splansky on her appointment as Senior Rabbi. The congregation is truly blessed by Rabbi Splansky’s wisdom, leadership and loving care. Rabbi Splansky is truly blessed by all of you. Together, you now embark on a wonderful new journey. Yashir koach!

  • Ellen Karabanow

    How beautiful during Passover to hear the wonderful news of Rabbi Splansky’s appointment as Senior Rabbi of HBT. Rabbi, You are truly an example for all of us. With best wishes and Mazel Tov to you and your family. Ellen

  • Linda and Abe Neufeld

    Mazel Tov to Rabbi Splansky and her family. We are thrilled with the wonderful news! Wishing everyone at our fabulous Shul a Chag Sameach!

  • Fredzia and Dow Marmur

    We wote to Rabbi Splansky personally as soon as we heard the good news of her appointment to express our congratulations and our enthusiasm. But as this website invites public comments, we’re pleased to reiterate our good wishes and our confidence in the future of Holy Blossom Temple under the leadership of Rabbi Splansky. Like an authentic rabbi, she not only teaches Torah but embodies it in her life and in the life of her wonderful family thus continuing her unique rabbinic heritage that goes back at least four generations.

  • Jeffrey Freedman

    Rabbi Splansky mazel tov on your appointment. Holy Blossom will benefit from your continued leadership. Sincerely, Jeffrey

  • Dale Shore Berman Garfinkel

    Mazal tov from a former temple member on your selection of Rabbi Splansky as senior rabbi. Holy Blossom was and remains in the forefront of the Reform Jewish Movement.

  • Eleanor and Lou London

    What a wise choice…congratulations RABBI SPLANSKY…..Eleanor and Louis London……..

  • Naomi Bell

    I rejoice at the news that Yael Splansky has been appointed Senior Rabbi of Holy Blossom Temple! She combines depth of Torah learning, beauty of language, warmth of personality, and glowing hope for the future of Holy Blossom Temple.
    Naomi Bell

  • Alberto, Tere and Isaac Quiroz

    By choosing Rabbi Splansky we have chosen continuity and my family and I are more than elated. We can now put the past events in the past and move forward concentrating in building together a great future for our synagogue. Mazal tov Rabbi Splansky you make us very proud!

  • Marlene Stein

    We were so delighted to read the news of the Board’s decision to appoint Rabbi Splansky as our Senior Rabbi. We knew the perfect candidate was right in our midst from the very start of the search. To Rabbi Splansky a heartfelt Mazel Tov and to her family thank you for sharing this amazing lady with us.
    Marlene Stein

  • Gerry Prendergast

    Wonderful news about our new Senior Rabbi. I was praying for this decision and prayers were answered with the choice of Rabbi Yael Splansky.
    Yesterday during the service as Beny sang the Shechecheyanu and held Rabbi’s hand and tears welled up on many faces. I thought to my self “this is a very treasured moment”.
    Here’s to the future of our community and many more “moments”

  • Richard Lorie

    Jean and I are delighted to hear of your appointment as Senior Rabbi of Holy Blossom Temple.We look forward to your leadership. Mael Tov and Chag Sameach.

  • Sylvia and Harvey Naftolin

    We are thrilled to receive the news of Rabbi Splansky’s appointment.

    A wise decision has been made for Holy Blossom’s future.

    Sylvia and Harvey Naftolin

  • Lyn Feldman and Bob Klotz

    Mazol Tov to Rabbi Splansky and her family! A wonderful choice. May we continue to go from strength to strength.

  • Marlene Orenbach

    We all knew what a treasure we had in you and I am so thrilled that you have agreed to take on the position of Senior Rabbi. Mazel Tov!
    Marlene Orenbach

  • Paula Warren

    What wonderful news to hear while I am getting ready to celebrate the Seder in Whitehorse. Mazel Tov
    Paula Warren

  • Phyllis Pepper

    Mazes tova. As a member all my life I wish you all the best and I am sure you will maintain the high standards of Holy Blossom has always enjoyed. All the best. Phyllis Pepper

  • debbi and Bobby Moses

    The foremothers are singing from the hilltops of Eretz Yisroel!
    KOL HAKAVOD RABBI Yael, you earned this!
    MAZEL Tov to the whole family!
    You are now our LEADING LADY!

  • Susan and David Speigel

    We are so happy with this wonderful news!
    We wish you Rabbi Splansky and your family a great big warm mazal tov!
    We look forward to seeing your radiance and wisdom grace Holy Blossom Temple for many many years to come!
    Hag Pesah Sameach!
    David and Susan Speigel

  • Judy & David Gershon

    The angels are singing! And we’re joining them!

  • Susan Baskin

    This is marvellous news! Mazal Tov to Rabbi Splansky and her family.

  • Susan Baskin

    Wonderful news! Mazal Tov to Rabbi Splansky and her family.

  • Phyllis Wintraub

    Wishing sometime makes it so. As do prayers.Hallelujah. A double whammy works even better. We get a Rabbi who understands our culture, who has been through all the many angsts and our triumphs of the past few years. A person who has wisdom beyond her years, and a sense of humour. What a bonus.
    We also get to see Avishai, Eli and Jesse grow up. And what other congregation has 1) a 4th generation Rabbi and 2) a resident poet/academic in Prof. Adam Sol. We are the “top of heap” again.
    We are truly blessed and may all the blessings of Pesach and beyond favour your family for years to come. I am honoured to be amongst your congregants. All kudos to the Board to coming to this oh so right decision.
    I commend you for your collective wisdom.

  • Lindi Rivers

    The Holy Blossom Temple community, as well as the wider community, is blessed to have Rabbi Splansky in our midst. This is a well-deserved appointment, for Rabbi Splansky is an exceptional human being and rabbi. I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s an honour to be a part of the team and to continue to thrive under her leadership. Mazal Tov to the Splansky family and to us!

  • (Ms.) Margaret Green

    My congratulations, Senior Rabbi Yael Splansky. I am a newcomer, and had just learned “Acting Senior Rabbi”; now, to my delight it is “Senior Rabbi”. You have welcomed me with warmth, and as I joined in Torah study your wisdom has led me through the readings, and brought me closer to your faith. I am also learning from you in Sabbatt services. I read the many other postings, and realized as I did how much further I have to go – – but with you as the Senior Rabbi Holy Blossom will, I am sure, become my home.
    Margaret Green

    • Joan Tator and Brian Mirsky

      We join in to say how absolutely delighted we are that Rabbi Splansky will lead our congregation and lead us forward as Sr. Rabbi. Truer words were never spoken in describing Rabbi Splansky to show “personal warmth and magnetism and (that she) connects with people at every stage of life.” They’re music to our ears….very reassuring to know such an excellent choice has been made and a wonderful way to start Pesach; Mazel Tov!
      Joan, Brian, Ali, Jonathan, Jessica and Cole

  • shimon brownstein

    may you serve with great wisdom,

    may the almighty guide you in this position

    mazel tov

  • Michael Davis

    Mazel Tov
    I am thrilled with this news and have been
    hoping for this decision.
    Rabbi Splansky has and will continue to
    inspire us with her spirituality and profound
    belief and love of Judaism.

  • Sheila Bacher

    What a wonderful way to start the Passover season with such great news. Mazeltov Rabbi Splansky, we are all very fortunate to have you as our Senior Rabbi. We hope to benefit from your leadership for many years to come. Sheila Bacher

  • Ellen B. Levine

    Whew!! Finally!! I’ve been hoping … Such wonderful news.
    Mazel Tov and Chag Sameach, Rabbi, to you and Adam and your children.

  • Gillian Helfield and Eric Klein

    We are thrilled beyond words to have Rabbi Splansky officially appointed as Senior Rabbi.

    We feel very fortunate to have such a warm, wise, and capable leader to guide us though this next phase of our renewal and into our future as a congregation and community.

    Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach to Rabbi Splansky and her family, to the Temple Leadership and to all Holy Blossom members of every generation.

    Gillian Helfield, Eric Klein and William and Adrienne Klein

    • Etta Ginsberg McEwan


  • Jill Hertzman

    Dear Yael: How fortunate we are that you chose us. And with all your gifts, you have always walked modestly and graciously. I confess that I said a private “Shehecheyanu” upon reading the announcement! You are truly the one to be steering us forward. My children and my mom were absolutely delighted when I shared the news.
    Yasher Koach to you always and I look forward to studying, worshipping, and volunteering with you and our HBT community (and the pleasure of the continued presence of the Sol/Splansky family). Warmly and fondly, Jill

  • Leon & Toba Offman

    Mazel Tov! You finally got it right. What a wonderful choice for our future. We only wish for good things to happen.

    Leon and Toba Offman

  • John Harris, Susan Guttman, Joanna and Molly Harris

    We are so pleased to hear of your appointment as Sr. Rabbi.
    Mazel to and Chag Sameach.

  • Michael & Janet Ryval

    Mazel Tov! This is wonderful news for all of us at HBT.
    Janet and Michael Ryval

  • Sandy Atlin

    Dear Rabbi,
    We are pleased to know that the Temple has made such a wise decision. Working with you on the program for those living with dementia has been a profoundly positive experience. I hope we will continue to have your leadership and learning for a long time to come.
    Mazal tov.

  • Jack Kuper

    Excellent choice;it doesn’t surprise me. Congratulations are in order to the board and Rabbi Splanski.

  • Barbara Organ

    Rabbi Splansky, I am delighted to hear of your appointment as our Senior Rabbi. You have made such a positive difference in my own personal life along the way as you will as Senior Rabbi at Holy Blossom. Yael, thank you for accepting this responsibility. Holy Blossom will thrive under your leadership. Mazel tov to you and your family and Yasher Koach, and Chag Pesach Sameach to us all.

  • sandy Waldman

    Dearest Yael: The news of your appointment to the position of senior rabbi at Holy Blossom Temple was most welcome especially coming on the heals of your service for our beloved Elana’s unveiling yesterday morning. You inspired and comforted us in a manner in which only you can do. Today when we received the news of your official appointment, we were ecstatic and it truly was like a dream come true. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you good health,happiness, fulfillment and success in the pursuit of all of your goals. Your appointment is the greatest gift the members of our congregation could have been given and this Passover will long be remembered by Lionel and I as the one on which we received your wonderful news. Love Sandy Waldman

  • Paul Sidlofsky

    Mazal tov, Yael, and well-deserved! Best for a Chag Sameach and a very successful future for you and HBT.

  • Harold Smith

    Wonderful news! Excellent decision!

  • Uriel and Judith Priwes

    What a wonderful appointment! We wish our new (or not so new) Senior Rabbi All the very best, and look forward to many years of her leadership.

  • Helen & Joe Feldmann

    Mazeltov to you Rabbi Splansky and your family. We wish you every success and support as the new Senior Rabbi. We are delighted with the Board’s choice.
    Hag Sameach.
    Helen & Joe Feldmann

  • Esther and Marvin Tile

    Yael, didn’t notice the apple name change,
    We’re delighted

  • Wendy Eisen

    To you, Rabbi Splansky, we extend a hearty Mazal Tov!! Your warmth, sincerity and wisdom have endeared you to our congregation. We wish you “Yasher Koach” in your official role as Holy Blossom Temple’s senior rabbi. We know that you will rise to the challenge!
    With affection,
    Wendy and Elliott Eisen

  • Esther and Marvin Tile

    Yale, Mazel Tov and Chag Sameach, wonderful news on Erevan Pesach
    Esther and Marvin Tile

  • Phyllis and Manny Spivak

    Mazeltov Rabbi Yael Splansky on your endorsement and appointment to Senior Rabbi at Holy Blossom Temple! As long standing members, we are most fortunate to continue with your leadership and strength during the process of our renewal! As well, congratulations to your family who continue to be your constant support! Chag Sameach!

  • Jane Herman

    We are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude at this wonderful news! How fortuitous that she chose Holy Blossom 18 years ago and that our Search Committee had the wisdom to choose her today. May we continue to go from strength to strength.
    Mazel Tov and Chag Sameach, Jane and Rob Herman

  • Judy and Carl ritchie

    Rabbi, We are so pleased for you, and the temple. Congratulations on your appointment as senior rabbi of Holy Blossom. We look forward to many years of your leadership in the temple and the community.
    Best wishes for a happy Passover.
    Judy and Carl

  • Michael Cole

    What wonderful news to begin the Pesach holidays! Josephine and I wish Rabbi Splansky a long and productive career at Holy Blossom, even as it has been so far. I look forward to working with you, Yael, on many interesting projects. Mazel-tov!


  • Lorie Shekter- Wolfson and Lorne Wolfson

    Mazel Tov Rabbi Splansky to you and your family. Excellent choice. Lorie Shekter-Wolfson and Lorne Wolfson

  • Florence Hertzman

    From ‘Acting’ Senior to ‘Senior Rabbi’–I sincerely am so proud of this moment.
    Yasher Koach, Rabbi. Hag Pesach Sameach to you and your Family.
    Your ‘punim’ tells it all–

  • Lydia Levin

    I’m thrilled at the news that Rabbi Splansky will be leading our congregation into the future as Senior Rabbi. She is such an excellent choice, bringing intellect, leadership, warmth and empathy to our Holy Blossom community. Mazal tov, Yael, and Chag Sameach!

  • Joanne Godel and Warren Blatt and family

    Mazal Tov to you Rabbi Splansky!!
    How exciting and well earned! You are so warm and welcoming and a true leader in our community. You have strengthened our connection to Holy Blossom and made it a special place for our family. All the best!!
    The Godel Blatt family

  • Anne Freeman

    What exciting news to hear that Rabbi Splansky will be our new Senior Rabbi. I also congratulate the Search Committee for their wisdom in making such an excellent choice.
    I wish you and your family Chag Sameach.
    Anne Freeman

  • Dorothy Hasinoff and Kalle Vaga

    Rabbi Splansky,

    We are so very happy with this news. Mazal tov.

    Dorothy Hasinoff and Kalle Vaga

  • Lori and Ernie Gershon

    We are delighted with the wisdom and foresight of the selection committee. The rabbi and her family have been important to the Gershon family for many years.

  • Leslie and Mel Springman

    We are thrilled with your appointment. The warmth and enthusiasm which you bring to every occasion is just what our large and at times distant congregation needs. Perhaps those who left in despair at the lack of engagement and friendliness will be enticed back. We look forward as well to hearing more of your thought provoking and intelligent words.
    Mazel Tov to us all.
    Leslie and Mel Springman

  • Pauline Morrow

    An intelligent and well deserved appointment.Mazel Tov Rabbi Splansky.I am thrilled for you!
    Chag Sameach to you and your family
    Pauline Morrow

  • Fern Lebo

    Rabbi Splansky, we are thrilled to hear the good news. A heartfelt mazel tov to you–and to all of us at HBT who will continue to learn from you, be inspired by you, and led by you.

    Chag sameach to you and yours.

  • Joanne Roher

    Rabbi Splansky, We are delighted with your appointment! Mazel Tov and Chag Pesach Sameach.
    Joanne and Kevin Roher

  • erin claman

    Mazel tov & a hearty yasher koach to youRabbi Splansky. I am so very please about your appointment as head rabbi of our Temple. Your wisdom & wit in the Shabbat Torah study played a great role in my joining the Temple three years ago!

    Chag sameach, may this Pesach be extra sweet for you & your mishpacha!

    Warmest Regards,
    Erin Claman

  • Nancy Ruth

    As We prepare for the Seder, I am delighted to hear of our leaderships’ wise selection.
    Not only will I say “next year in Jerusalem” tonight, but will also say “next year in Holy Blossom Temple”! – as our congregation moves forward into an exciting new era! Mazel Tov and best wishes, Yael,. May you and we go from strength strength!

  • Eddi Ser

    Wow! this is great news.
    Mazel Tov to Rabbi Splansky and thanks to Temple Board for their decision.

  • Roslyn Avery

    What wonderful news! Mazel Tov to you Rabbi Splansky, your family and to Holy Blossom Temple.

  • Ron Charach

    April 14 2014
    This wonderful news comes as both a joy and a relief. Holy Blossom has found under Rabbi Splansky’s warm, inclusive leadership a renewed sense of stability, which helps renew our faith in Reform Judaism’s mission. The new prayerbook she brought to fruition is a rich addition to our congregational life, as will be the renewal of our Temple space.
    Mazal Tov from the Charach family, and to use Rabbi Marmur’s favorite benediction: May you go from strength to strength.

  • Janice Kerkkamp

    Wonderful news! Mazel tov!

  • Gordon & Toby Ciglen

    Hallelluyah!! We knew it was going to happen. We prayed that it would happen.
    AND NOW – our wishes and prayers have been confirmed!!
    Our congregation has been blessed!


    Gary & Toby

  • Mimi Hollenberg

    What wonderful news. How lucky for the Temlple. Mimi Hollenberg

  • Marvin Sadowski

    At times like this I admonish myself for not having words to properly express my feelings. However, If I may, please accept many Hugs and kisses from Victoria and me upon the receipt of your appointment. I am thrilled that the Board realized your value to Holy Blossom and have no doubt that you will lead it to even greater heights than those that it has already attained through the efforts of your predecessors.
    Happy Pesach to you and yours.

  • Lesley Miller

    We have watched Rabbi Splansky grow and change throughout her years at Holy Blossom. Over this past period of transition she has proved herself to be a builder of community. We wish her all the best in this new and challenging role – mazel tov to you Yael and your family. Congratulations to the Board on making an excellent choice!
    Chag Sameach.
    Lesley & Ron Miller

  • Etienne and Aubrey Kaplan

    How wonderful to have Rabbi Splansky as our senior rabbi. We were cheering for her all through the search process. Mazeltov and chag sameach.

  • Sandra and Zvi Merovic

    We could not received better news at the Erev Pesach. Rabbi Spalnsky will lead us as she has been doing, with love, dignity and all the qualities she has.
    Zvi and I and I am sure all the congregation, we are happy, and want to express our Mazel Tov and Be Shaah Tovah to Rabbi Splanksy and to the Board of Directors for the right decision! Sandra Merovic

  • Michaele-Sue Goldblatt

    I am overjoyed. Rabbi Splansky has served Holy Blossom Temple and the Toronto and Canadian Jewish community with distinction and I am thrilled that she has been appointed our Senior Rabbi, following in the footsteps of two outstanding rabbis I had the pleasure of knowing, Rabbi Abraham Feinberg and Rabbi Guther Plaut. May she continue from strength to strength.

  • Saul & Viviane Ship

    Mazel Tov to Rabbi Splansky. We are thrilled about this decision — the best possible choice.

  • Jose and Mary Goldman

    Wonderful news. Our community will be united and stronger with this appointment.

  • Lynne and Laurie Colman

    This is GREAT NEWS !! It was the right choice and congratulations to the Search Committee.
    I’ll look forward to many more years with Rabbi Splansky at the helm.
    Chag Sameach to you and your family, Rabbi.
    Lynne and Laurie

  • David Hertzman

    Rabbi Splansky has rekindled the light at Holy Blossom.

    Shine on !

  • mr and mrs James Cooper

    Dear Yael.. we are both thrilled with your appointment..we wish you good luck and are confident that you will be a success.. Happy Passover
    Sami and James Cooper

  • Miriam Kagan

    This is wonderful news. I am thrilled to call Rabbi Splansky my rabbi and wish her the very best in her new position. Holy Blossom Temple is extremely fortunate to have such a fine leader.
    Miriam Kagan

  • Arlene Roth

    This is the best news! Mazel Tov, Rabbi Splansky. You are a gift to all of us at Holy Blossom. How fortunate that our congregation will continue to benefit from your warmth, grace, strength and wisdom for, what hopefully will be, many, many more years at Holy Blossom. Also, we are blessed to have Adam and your children continue to be part of our congregation. Yasher Koach.
    Chag Sameach.

  • Fred Saunders

    Fantastic! Brenda & I are both delighted. Mazel Tov , Yasher Koach, & Chag Sameach.

  • Pnina Margolese

    YEAH!!!!!!!!! I fully endorse the appointment of Rabbi Splansky as senior Rabbi. Her intellect,her warmth, her caring will do wonders in bringing our congregation back to its glory days. Mabel Tov!

  • Alan Gordon

    This is of course wonderful news. I can’t imagine anyone out there that combines Rabbi Splansky’s warmth, intelligence and unique ability to relate to all members of our congregation.
    Congratulations, Rabbi Splansky.

  • Cheryl Sylvester

    A heartfelt mazel tov to you Rabbi Splansky, and to our whole community, on your worthy and significant appointment! We look forward to your expanded leadership in all dimensions of Temple life. May G-d’s blessing lead you, and our congregation, from strength to strength!

    Cheryl Sylvester & Robert Schenk, Aaron & Nathan

  • Lloyd Duckman

    G-D has shined on Rabbi Splansky, Holy Blossom, our Board and Israel.

  • Henry and Michal Fischler

    Conratulations Rabbi Slansky
    As an ex memeber of Holy Blossom I felt you were one of the bright lights in the rabbinate. I wish you great success in your new office and am confident you will bring great empathy and understanding to the Jewish community as a whole.

  • Ruth Ellen Greenwood

    Dear Yael,
    I was so excited by the good news that I forgot to wish you and your family a very Happy Pesach.
    Ruth Ellen

  • Lili and Mike Shain

    Wonderful news! We are delighted.

  • Ruth Ellen Greenwood

    Mazel tov, Yael, on becoming the Senior Rabbi at Holy Blossom. Our family is very, very happy that you will continue to be the wonderful rabbi we have known all these years. We wish you strength,
    happiness and many more wonderful achievements. Yasher Koach.
    With love,
    Ruth Ellen and Sheldon Greenwood and Family

  • Sheila Smolkin

    Mazel Tov to Rabbi Splansky and the Temple leadership on this wonderful announcement. Rabbi, I look forward to continue to learn from you and to work with you in the years ahead. I wish you and your family Chag Sameach – may this Pesach not only usher in a special year of renewal for you in so many ways but for our congregation as well.
    Sheila Smolkin.

  • Denise Gordon

    Yasher Koach to Rabbi Splansky and to her family.
    This is an excellent choice!

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