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Not due out until June 2014, in their new book, Natural Law: A Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Trialogue, by David Novak, Anver Emon and Matthew Levering examines natural law doctrine, rooted in the classical writings of our respective three traditions: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic.

Each of the authors provides an extensive essay reflecting on natural law doctrine in his tradition. Each of the authors also provides a thoughtful response to the essays of the other two authors. How does natural law (or cognate terms) resonate with classical thinkers such as Maimonides, Origen, Augustine, al-Ghazali and numerous others.

Join us on Thursday, March 20 at 7:30 p.m. as we welcome Anver Emon and David Novak A key theme in each essay is how the particularity of the respective religious tradition is squared with the evident universality of natural law claims.

The authors also explore how natural law doctrine functions in particular traditions for reflection upon the religious other.

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