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The Art Forger

The Art Forger

Sunday, March 23, 2014
10:00 a.m.
Sisterhood Library

The Art Forger – a mystery book, a crime novel, literary fiction. Which one or all? The story grows and takes shape after the heist in the 1990’s from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum of millions of dollars of art.

Claire Roth, a young painter, creates “art” for She is approached by a well-known gallery owner in Boston who offers her a large sum of money to copy a Degas painting. It tempts Claire who is in need of money and also very much wants the opportunity to have a show of her own at this dealer’s gallery.

What slowly unfolds is the question of whether this truly is a real Degas painting or a forgery itself and the mystery begins.

The Art Forger is not just a book for people who are drawn to the world of art. It’s a thought- provoking book – about seeing and what people want to see versus what’s really there. It’s also about choices – hard choices people make.

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