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By Temma Gentles.
Harriet Wolman with remodeled Rainbow Wedding Canopy.
The image of this chuppah represents a successful marriage: coulourful elements begin at the upper right as interlaced threads which, through the passage of time, shift and form themselves into a rainbow of hope for the future couple and the Jewish People.
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  • |Janet Merrill

    Such beautiful work from so many talented hands! Our temple in London is so looking forward to our new Torah covers which are being done by Temma.

  • Phyllis and Manny Spivak

    I LOVED reading your STUDIO UPDATE! Gorgeous pieces of Judaica from the hands of so many talented ladies. Why don’t you invite them to a Pomegranate meeting–or–Show and Kvell! MAHALIA looks just like her Mom (your daughter) at her same age!
    Hope we can visit with each other soon.
    Take care,

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