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By Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner.

Shabbat Shira at Holy Blossom Temple is always an inspirational weekend, celebrating and experiencing a rich Jewish musical heritage. It has been our custom to enhance the weekend of song with a variety of Jewish musical topics and to give our congregation a unique experience of music which normally is not heard on a regular basis – music of different Jewish communities around the world with liturgical aspects of our synagogue music stretching over continents and centuries.

This year we dedicated our theme to the richness and uniqueness of the Yiddish language.

On Friday night I had the privilege to share with the congregation some aspects of Yiddish Folklore and I demonstrated the sounds of the Yiddish folk song. On Shabbat morning together with our guest soprano, Kyra Folk- Farber, a “Yiddishist” and a gifted singer herself, I delivered a sermon-in-song of some aspects of the Yiddish art song showing the influence of synagogue music on Yiddish song repertoire.

Sunday night we held an interesting Yiddish Concert “Trer’n un Gelechter / Tears and Laughter”.  The full concert is attached here for your enjoyment.

Please watch for our next event of the Musical Heritage Concert Series on Sunday, March 30, 2014.

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