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By Corinne Black and Jill Kamin,
Co-presidents of Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood

The winter nights are long and cold but the warmth of community spread like a blanket of snow in our Temple. The beauty of the Havdallah candle burning in its woven splendour surrounded us. The braided candlelight illuminating the room as we sung our Havdallah prayers with our Temple community. As we look around the room we see so many faces some familiar some not known to us but we are still community.

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The Open Mic evening that was co-sponsored by Sisterhood and Brotherhood represents so much more than a get together of dinner and music. The “Open Mic” event connected us to our deepest roots as a community. We shared good food, laughter and the sounds of our history. From the past we were connected in song and the hope that we would come together again.

This casual event shared songs from Slovakia, a selection of Yiddish songs, contemporary Jewish music from many different composers. The varied selection brought back memories for all as we shared our thoughts and enjoyed the simple pleasure of just being.

So many memories and so many shared moments it truly was a unique experience. We were blessed with talented musicians and with talented voices as we sang with joy. Children were off in the distance playing and making their own sense of community.

What a great way to begin the secular New Year with Sisterhood and Brotherhood working together continuing to reach out and connect as we do so well. Connection is what we do best and we are so grateful for the opportunity to continue with this vital task. We know how important it is for someone to feel that they belong and feel part of our community.

Perhaps when the next opportunity comes along for you to come and join in our “Open Mic” you will find that special warmth of more than just the candle burning and the smell of sweet spices.  You may just find community, your temple community.

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  • Silvia

    Very well said Corinne. So sorry we missed this one. We will definitely attend the next Open Mic. Congrats to all involved

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