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Children's Choir

Children’s Choir

By Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

Music is a pathway into Jewish life, and we have one of the most fantastic musical guides alive today, Cantor Beny Maissner, with us at Holy Blossom Temple.

Nothing brings a deeper experience of Judaism than the music of Jewish prayer, the dancing folk melodies of Israel, and the dulcet tones of meditative niggunim.

When I learned that Cantor Maissner was willing to share his wisdom with our youth, I was overjoyed. We talked together about how music can create a deep experience of Judaism and provide enriching challenges to young singers.

I urge you to try our new youth choir for your children of any age, as it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with and learn from a singing legend of our time.

Music is also a way that our children can give back by bringing joy to our loved ones living in group homes, which is why this is a natural outgrowth of our Kids’ Mitzvah Club. The amazing volunteers leading this club, Jennifer Stulberg, Jenna Miller, Lisa Zimmer and Lisa Engle Glaizel, came up with this amazing concept. I cannot thank them enough for their initiative.

Contact [email protected], and please come along to our Bring/Borrow a Bubby sing-along event (click here for more info) where families can get a taste of the joy that music can bring us.

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