Preparing for Disappointment

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Israeli politicians are preparing the public for the report that US Secretary of State John Kerry is about to present. Whether they already know what’s in...

Studio News: January 2014

By Temma Gentles. Harriet Wolman with remodeled Rainbow Wedding Canopy. The image of this chuppah represents a successful marriage: coulourful elements begin at the upper right as interlaced [...]

Asylum Seekers in Israel

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Earlier this month I wrote about African illegal immigrants in Israel. In response, Rabbi John Rosove of Los Angeles put me in touch with Sigal Rozen,...

Bibi and Bennett

Sarah Netanyahu’s reputed objections to Naftali Bennett joining her husband’s government – after the near-spectacular success of Bennett’s Habayit Hayehudi party in last year’s elections [...]

Mixed Feelings about Israel

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. As Ari Shavit’s book, My Promised Land was published in English abroad (a Hebrew translation is said to be on its way), it took some time...

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