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Professor Barrie Wilson, Religious Studies, York University
Monday, January 20, 2014
7:30 p.m.

Professor Barrie Wilson has a unique perspective on Jesus.  As a Jew by Choice, Barrie will bring more to the table than others, who have discussed and explored the life of Jesus as a Jew. Please join us for this one time program, which will give all great insight into the life of Jesus.

Along with others of his time, Jesus engaged in discussions concerning Torah … observing the Sabbath, the Torah and eternal life, hand washing before eating, the dietary laws and the importance of observing the Torah strictly.

Whether his followers should observe Torah, however, was a hot topic amongst his first generation followers … Paul (no) versus Jesus’ brother James (yes). This session will examine key passages from the Christian Scriptures that address how Jesus and his first followers understood Torah.

Barrie Wilson is the author of the best seller, How Jesus Became Christian. Watch for The Lost Gospel (2014).

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