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By Cantor Benjamin Maissner.

Our Best Friend!  Can you believe it?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – the musician “The Rock Star”

More than four thousand people from our Toronto Jewish community gathered last night for the annual Negev Dinner honouring our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, for his dedication, commitment, unending and total friendship to Israel and the Jewish people. It was the largest gathering for the Negev fundraising dinner ever in the history of Canada.

Many speeches praised Harper for his commitment and love for the Jewish people, but his response in love and affection to our community and his loyalty to Israel was in his casual and unexpected display of the musician par excellence. With swinging Rock & Roll he led his own band to the cheers of thousands. His eternal smile and affection was on his face throughout the evening.  You had to be there to enjoy the simcha. I suppose he will be hired from now on to perform at every Bar and Bat Mitzvah and Jewish wedding for decades to come.


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  • Elana Paice Lidsky and Anna Kos

    Proud to be Holy Blossom congregants and JNF staff… Thank you Cantor Maissner for being part of this historic event and for this great article!

  • Lindi Rivers

    Terrific! So much fun to see him in that context.

  • cantor yehuda Rottner

    Benny, you are the best… your Love to Israel is corking “sky”… chag chanuka samayach to you and to your all congregations.

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