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By Rivanne Sandler.

Rabbi Gilad Kariv, a Reform rabbi and the Executive Director of the Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism, has been to Canada many times, but December 5 was his first talk at Holy Blossom Temple.

He brought the word that Progressive/Reform Jewish institutions in Israel welcome us and that Reform Judaism is crucial to strengthening democracy in Israel. But a Jewish and democratic state is not an easy accomplishment. There are challenges. Does Israel have to be less democratic to be more Jewish? Must Israel discourage interaction with members of world community to promote its Jewish identity? Secular Israelis increasingly want to celebrate life in a spiritual way informed by tradition, but have forgotten how.

Now a quiet revolution is occurring in Israel with a growing desire for a profound relationship with ancient traditions, but not in conflict with a modern lifestyle. This is an opportunity for the Reform movement in Israel. Rabbi Kariv ended his talk with passionate words: Progressive congregations in Israel are 8 years old. HBT is 150 years old. We can learn from you!

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