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By Sharon Singer.

As a grandmother and a librarian, I experienced an incredibly lovely moment this past summer with my little 4 year old granddaughter who was visiting from New Zealand. It was bedtime and we snuggled together and I started reading to her from an old book that had been her mom’s favourite when she was little. That bedtime story ritual, of being close, reading and then, Charley repeating some of the lines with me, brought back such wonderful memories. Then my daughter peeked in, with a huge smile, and couldn’t resist the lure of those familiar words. So, three generations were brought together, sharing the laughter and the warmth generated by a simple story.

That is the magic of books and stories, even in this highly digital and technological age. They help to create a space, a time to reflect and share in another’s story.

With that in mind, I want to warmly welcome you to our Sisterhood Library. We are here to help support you and your family by providing a wealth of books that will enable you to create your own special moments and enhance your Jewish journey.

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