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Holy Blossom Temple, in conjunction with CCRJ initiatives, has undertaken the mitzvah of opening up dialogue with our First Nations. Bob Rae joined us in November to teach and guide us so that we may learn how to communicate with First Nations, and how best to open up dialogue for better engagement between our communities.

The next critical step is meeting both formally and informally with representatives from the First Nations, and our next opportunity will be on December 15th when Professor Lee Maracle joins us for the next breakfast sponsored by Brotherhood.

Lee is from the Sto: Loh nation in British Columbia; she teaches at the University of Toronto and University of Guelph. She is also part of the U of T First Nations House and will be speaking with us about an issue which affects both of our peoples; engaging our youth. This presentation is open to all members of the synagogue, and especially those who are members of the Youth Engagement Committee.

As Canadian Jews, this talk is of the utmost importance and will help our two peoples to move forward with better understanding.

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