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It continues to be a busy and rewarding time for our HBT Renewal Project.

All summer long and into the fall, the Project Engagement committee conducted extensive outreach to the congregation, to listen and fully understand our needs in a renewed building, and to share the increasingly palpable excitement of the October 2014 groundbreaking.

A large number of meetings were held with stakeholder groups all over Temple. Groups ranged from teens to seniors, and various Temple committees described their specific needs and desires for the campus.  There were also a series of Temple tours during these months, where participants actively envisioned our future space. In every case, representatives from our architects, Diamond Schmitt, were in attendance, to listen and understand.

As a direct result of this input, the architects have been better able to assess our Temple’s programmatic needs to guide the schematic design process.  Once this stage is complete, they’ll immediately move into the detailed design phase, where, once again, specific input will be sought from the congregation. These are all necessary and helpful steps in advance of the first shovel going in the ground next October.

And please remember, if you’d like to get involved in any way with our Renewal Project, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please reach out at

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