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Audiences at Chanukah Live 2013 will be treated to the first every stage appearance of “JJ”, the adventure loving kangaroo from Judy & David’s new JiggiJump TV series.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:11 a.m. on Kids CBC, kids across the country – and a good many parents – are discovering a new way to get moving. JiggiJump takes young viewers on musical workout adventures unlike anything else on TV.

Judy & David’s JiggiJump

Judy & David’s JiggiJump

But what viewers might NOT know is that none of this might have happened if not for a friendship made at shul.

Most Saturday mornings David can be found at Holy Blossom Temple leading family services and a fun kids’ break-out session.  When Judy & David needed to find the right TV producer for their new series, they found Martin Markle sitting across the circle on Shabbat morning, kids in lap, singing along as he had been doing for years.  It was a match made in heaven… or at least in shul.

This was only slightly surprising to David.  “I was panicked trying to find the perfect producer and there he was, Martin from shul, who was there all along.  But why not?  Holy Blossom is where I met Judy.  It’s where I launched my singing career.  It’s where so many important moments of my life have happened.  The moral of the story for me is that here is so much more to shul than meets the eye.  It’s a community.  We could all use a little more community in our lives.”

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