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Team Ethan

Team Ethan

Holy Blossom is a proud member of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ).  This past summer, a member of the URJ camp community Ethan Kadish) was teaching a group of younger children how to play Ultimate Frisbee at URJ Camp Guci, a sister camp to our URJ Camp George, when a bolt of lightning struck him to the ground. Ethan suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken in critical condition to the local Children’s Hospital. He was placed in an induced coma and had to breathe through a respirator.

Ethan and his family have a long road ahead, including mounting financial costs related to Ethan’s ongoing medical care, and making accommodations to their home.  Camp George, in connection with the URJ, will be holding an online social media campaign to raise funds for Ethan and his family, called “8th Night for Ethan”.  Over an 18 hour period on December 4th, Camp George will be asking for gifts (in multiples of $18) to support this family, from members of our wider Reform community.

Won’t you please join us? Please visit the Camp George Facebook Page for more information, and consider making a gift on the 8th Night of Chanukah.

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