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A People Uncounted

A People Uncounted

By Freda Ariella Muscovitch, Chair, Roma Social Action

Dear Roma Social Action members, friends,

Our Awareness Education Event: “Why the Roma“, drew over 250 interested persons from the larger community to Holy Blossom Temple, June 5, 2013. Our panel discussion was introduced by Rabbi Dow Marmur, Rabbi Emeritus of Holy Blossom Temple and moderated by Mary Jo Leddy, 2011 recipient of Gunther Plaut Humanitarian Award and tireless founder of Romero House. Our panelists inspired us: Bernie Farber, Anna Porter, and Gina Csanyi-Roba.

On November 3, please join us for the viewing “A PEOPLE UNCOUNTED” at HBT at 1:00, a program of Holocaust Education Week (HEW) co presented by the Roma Community Centre of Toronto. Aaron Yeger, film writer, producer, director, and a supporting member of our HBT, Roma Social Action, will show the film: Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. This is a feature length documentary film within the social justice program about the genocide of Roma people during the holocaust and connects with their struggle for human rights in present day. Gina Robah-Csanyi, will participate in a Q & A following the film (99 minutes).

Come to learn more about our common historical experience and help us break down barriers of negative Gypsy or Roma stereotypes and misconceptions about the Romani people.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday, November 3, 2013.

Freda Ariella Muscovitch
Chair, Roma Social Action

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