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It’s been a few weeks now that we are flooded with commentary, and commentary on the commentary, analysis on the analysis, of the Pew Report. There are many important, new insights into what makes American Jewry tick. American Jews are diverse and increasingly diverse in their practice and their beliefs and their ways of attachment. (click image above to listen to full sermon)
Rabbi Yael Splansky: October 19, 2013

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  • Michael Greenstein

    As always, Rabbi Splansky’s sermon is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. In reaction to the Dreyfus Affair, Edmond Fleg’s call to his unborn grandchildren resonates throughout the generations. The current Pew Report reaffirms Fleg’s warning that modern society and assimilation may be as devastating to Jewish fate as primitive pogroms were in their destruction. Rabbi Splansky’s linkage of Fleg’s fate to the sacrifice of Isaac points to the double bind of the Akedah. The cleavage of Abraham and Isaac is both a clinging and a cutting — a relational dialectic between generations, between Israel and the Diaspora, between Jews and non-Jews, and between ancient and modern texts.

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