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Rosh Hodesh - 2012

Rosh Chodesh: Kislev – 2012

The word “wow” means wonder, amazement, or great pleasure. In the world of video games, “WOW” is the name of “World of Warcraft”. More importantly for Jews, WOW stands for Women of the Wall, an organization whose mission statement is ”to achieve the social and legal recognition of our right, as women, to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah collectively and out loud at the Western Wall.”  (

Holy Blossom Temple is renowned for its advocacy of social justice issues. If you care about liberal Judaism in general and the rights of women in particular, show your support by attending our Rosh Chodesh service on Sunday November 3, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.

Let’s mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of WOW together. Join Sisterhood, attend the service, eat a delicious breakfast, but most of all, let’s show our support to our sisters in Israel that they are not alone.

“And for our sisters, all the women and girls of your people Israel: let us merit to see their joy and hear their voices raised before You in song and praise.” (Excerpt from the Prayer of the Women of the Wall)

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