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On the first Friday of the month, Hot Shot Shabbat Service “Hot Shot Shabbat” is for those families with children who are “graduating” from Tot Shabbat-geared for those ages 6 through 12.

The Hot Shot Shabbat Service will be held in the Youth Chapel (3rd Floor) and the Tot Shabbat in the Philip Smith Foyer, both services followed by a pot luck dinner in the Philip Smith Hall. Twenty minutes into the service all Hot Shots will be ushered into a nearby classroom for some creative, inter-active games on the theme of the nearest holiday.

The costs for the dinner portion of the evening are now as follows; $12.00 per adult / $7.00 per child for members and $15.00 per adult / $10.00 per child for non-members.

All attendees are required to bring a non-dairy, nut-free side dish or dessert (in consultation with Elana Fehler) and should serve about 20 people. For those who bring the drinks – for about 20 people as well. The main course is catered, chicken and fingers for the children. Please bring your own serving utensils, which you will take home when you leave. A vegetarian dish, Tofu Stir Fry, is available for those who prefer, please let Elana know beforehand. It is imperative that you register as soon as possible, so that we may facilitate our catering numbers. Please send your payment in advance. You can pay by Visa/MC or by cheque. If by cheque, your cheque should made out to: Holy Blossom Temple,1950 Bathurst Street. Toronto , ON , M5P 3K9 | Attn: Elana, Tot Shabbat Dinner.

If you have any questions or concerns Elana can be reached at 416-789-3291 ext. 221 or for voicemail ext. 532. Her email is [email protected].

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