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By Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner.

Among the vast archival material from the IDF of olden days this short movie was found, documenting the settlement on Mount Gilboa on November 29, 1962.

I had the privilege to be among the first group settling the bare mountain with my Nachal unit and established the Kibbutz “Ma’aleh Gilboa”. Since we were part of the B’nei Akivah religious youth movement, we inaugurated and brought a Torah carried under a Chuppah held up with bayonets held by four soldiers. I was honoured to carry one of the poles and you can recognize a young Beny Maissner (with glasses) as we marched into our new settlement on founding day

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  • cantor yehuda Rottner

    beautiful site,yes we can see you,is that Rabbi piron caring the torah?

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