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Jews have been in the cockpit and designing aircraft since the dawn of manned flight.

Learn about the Jewish aviation personalities like pilot Harry Houdini, aircraft designer Marcel Bloch, German fighter ace Wilhelm Frankl, WASP Bernice Falk Haydu, Soviet fighter ace Lydia Litvak, Israeli Spitfire pilot and IAF Commander Ezer Weizman, IAI’s founder Al Schwimmer, Israel’s first fighter ace Giora Rom and our own congregant, Flt Sgt. Leonard Levy.

While the airplane is something that both inspires and fires the imagination, Jews only receive quiet mention for their contributions, and yet their achievements are like Nobel prizes – disproportionate to the overall population.

All are welcome and encouraged to join us on November 24th as our own pilot and flight instructor, Mike Morgulis, speaks to us in-depth about Jews with the “right stuff” based on his research and personal interviews with Jewish aviators.

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