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Avinu malkeinu of course is one of the essential prayers of our High Holy Day liturgy.  The origin of this prayer can be traced to the great Rabbi Akiva, who lived during the second half of the first century and the first have of the second century, he is a larger than life figure, the focal point of both history and legend… (click image above to listen to full sermon)
Rabbi Yael Splansky: Second Day Rosh Hashanah – September 6, 2013

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  • Rabbi Yael Splansky

    And thank you, Florence, for sharing your delicate paintings of your grandson, Jacob — by the Ark, with the shofar, and of course, in the tower. His memory continues to be a blessing for Holy Blossom Temple.
    Wishing you a year of goodness,
    Rabbi Splansky

  • Etienne Kaplan

    An absolute privilege to have been able to listen to this sermon. Yasher koach Rabbi Splansky. I look forward to doing the climb and chanting Avinu Malkenu.

  • Florence Hertzman

    Avinu Malkenu–as we climb the Tower stairs–to a sacred place of God.
    A glorious tribute to Rabbi Eisendrath, and for Jacob, a heartfelt memorial..
    Rabbi Splansky—much appreciate.. Yasher Koach..

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