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Our world is old. The sound of the shofar is such an old, primal sound, it brings us back to the very beginning. Three times the shofar is blown and three times it is written in our machzor – “Hayom Harat Olam” – “Today is the birthday of the world. Today the world is born…” (click image above to listen to full sermon)
Rabbi Yael Splansky: First Day Rosh Hashanah – September 5, 2013

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  • Rabbi Yael Splansky

    We miss you here on the holidays, Etienne and Aubrey. Your kind note makes it seem you’re not so far away. Travel well and return with good stories to share.
    Chatimah Tovah,
    Rabbi Splansky

  • Etienne Kaplan

    How wonderful for us on holiday in Sydney, Australia to be able to listen to inspirational sermons from our Rabbis. Shana tova to clergy and congregants.

    Etienne and Aubrey Kaplan

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