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Just a few of the many Holy Blossom faces at Camp George this summer

Just a few of the many Holy Blossom faces at Camp George this summer

We live segmented lives, with Judaism too often only existing inside the walls of our temple or our day schools.  Jewish summer camp provides an opportunity for our children to see what life looks like with Judaism infused into it at every point.

I have worked on the staff of three summer camps in North America, two camps affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism (Greene and Crane Lake) and a camp run by a Jewish Community Centre. It was only at the URJ camps that I saw Reform Judaism integrated into every aspect of life.

So I ask us, as a community, are we serious in our commitment to send our kids and our grandkids to camps infused with Judaism, camps that statistically lead to more Jewish adult lives?  The summer may seem far away, but sign-ups are starting now.

If you are a legacy at a summer camp, I am not asking that you switch your summer camp affiliation, but if you have not yet chosen which camp to send your child(ren) to, please seriously consider URJ Camp George.

Look at the website. Set up a time to talk with the camp’s associate director – our member, Karen Kollins.   If you would like to talk to a parent, either a dayschool parent or a parent who sends their kids to our supplementary schools, please do not hesitate to be in touch with me.

We are participating in the UJA’s Camp Ambassador Program, hoping to measure and increase the number of our children at Jewish camp – a crucial factor in the Jewish Journey.

Our community, including with funding from our Temple Brotherhood, is committed to sending its children to Jewish camp.  Please take us up on this opportunity, and be in contact.

If you need to talk to myself or any other rabbi in confidence to make this dream a reality for your children, please do not hesitate to do so.

We look forward to your children joining us clergy on URJ Camp George this summer.

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