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Torah Stitch by Stitch

Torah Stitch by Stitch

Since its inauguration at Holy Blossom on Tikkun Leil Shavuot in May, the project is thriving, and now includes over 220 stitchers in 8 countries. Torah Stitch by Stitch is an international project of ordinary people who want to experience the spirit and rigour of producing holy texts.

Rather than ink and parchment, each participant uses cross-stitch on canvas to “write” four Biblical verses that have been graphed out specifically for him/her.

Participation is open to people of any age, gender, nationality and religious persuasion, so long as each person respects the holiness of the text; and commits to following the gridded diagram accurately and completing the panel within 6 months.

All are invited but in particular those parents of students in Senior School – it is a convenient time to get together!

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  • Gloria Burd

    I grew up in Toronto (am still a Canadian citizen) and am so homesick after perusing your Web site! As a craftsman, I would like very much to help in the creation of sacred Jewish objects; this would also be a great way for me to practise my needlework skills! 😀

    Please contact me with information, instructions, materials, etc.

    Thank you so much.

    Love and peace,

    Gloria Burd 🙂

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