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D.J. Schneeweiss

D.J. Schneeweiss

D.J. Schneeweiss
on Wednesday, October 2, 2013
7:30 p.m.

With the Middle East once again monopolizing headlines in the news, it’s difficult to assess the impacts on Israel.

The civil war already raging in Syria threatens to expand further beyond its borders, and with it the risk of chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands.  The conflict in Egypt risks becoming civil war.  And, with this background of regional instability, Israel and the Palestinians are attempting to negotiate peace.  As the cloud of a nuclear Iran still looms overhead.  Certainly we need someone to help us to see the key factors and trends re-shaping the region and what that will mean to Israel.

What better person than Israeli Consul General D.J. Schneiweiss?  Speaking from the vantage point of a foreign affairs authority immersed in Middle East issues, his informed and articulate insights will help us to understand the current situation and prospects for the near future.

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