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Honouring our past…

As I was sitting listening to the words Marilyn Farber’sz”l long life as memorialized by her two grandsons, I could not help but wonder what it would have been like to work with her as the President of Sisterhood in the early sixties.

In her time Marilynz”l stood for, and was passionate about her Judaism, Sisterhood, the Temple and the community. Her life and vision have inspired many other incredible leaders within Sisterhood and beyond.

I first met Marilynz”l at the Sisterhood 90th Celebration when she was asked to speak at this event. I was taken back at how eloquently she spoke and how proud she was to be associated with Sisterhood. Her small frame supported an amazing mind and spirit. She was poised and spoke with such elegance I could not help but wonder if I too would one day be as wise and spirited as she.

Although we did not personally share experiences together I can’t help but feel a connection to her that goes beyond explanation. My connection to Sisterhood is filled with over 90 years of tradition. It goes beyond the fashion trends, political climate and changing Reform Movement.  It is a connection of women. We are women that may feel differently about working full time or staying at home taking care of a family or how we connect to our community and Temple, but we all have the same vision, to be great women and great leaders.

Marilynz”l felt strongly that our purpose in Sisterhood was “to foster and further the highest ideals of Judaism, to promote a closer fellowship amongst our members and in co-operation with the Temple and our congregation be a mentor for religious, social and educational activities.” Not much has changed we are still on a similar quest.

As Marilynz”l presented a pin to a past President of Sisterhood, she spoke about vision and dreams and making those a reality. These words have inspired many women in the past as they have inspired both myself and my friend, Jill Kamin to build on our vision and connect with our community.  This is just what Marilynz”l did in the past and what we must do now and in the future.

We are working towards connection and the future of this great Temple and we will work as hard to make certain that we will never let the past be forgotten while we forge a new future.

Thank you for giving us a very special part of our history to always look up to.

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  • Denise Gordon

    Corinne has a crafted a lovely summation of what it means to be part of an inclusive and decidedly Jewish community by honouring those who came before us and to use theirs as a model for present and future action. Thank you.

  • Judith Wiley

    Marilyn was one of the first persons I met at Holy Blossom; her warmth and her welcome stayed with me all these years.
    May she rest in peace, knowing that her legacy is significant. She truly left the world a better place.
    Thank you Marilyn and thank you to her family who so kindly shared her with all of us.

  • daisyjacobs

    it was a pleasure to work with mailyn on the connecting team. she always had lots of energy an enthusiasm for anything that she did. she enjoyed opera and e saw her at the cineplex sat afternoon operas in the last few years. an all around lady.she enjoyed life


    you summed up Marilyn’s philosophy and love of Sisterhood, Temple and Judaism so eloquently She was quite a lady and role model and her love of our Temple was contagious.


    • Sara Charney

      I concur with Corinne’s remarks and Gail’s response.
      Marilyn was an inspiration to so many of us with her words of wisdom, her humour, her tireless devotion to both sisterhood and to Temple, and she always had a sparkle in her eyes.
      May she rest in peace.

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