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Beauty without the Breast

Beauty without the Breast

September 30, 2013
7:30 p.m. at Holy Blossom Temple

Author and Harvard University professor Felicia Marie Knaul will discuss her journey through breast cancer and also the ‘BRCA gene dilemma’ facing many Jewish Ashkenazi families.

Felicia will present her highly acclaimed book Beauty without the Breast (distributed by Harvard University Press) and enlighten us to all her challenges and outcomes.  She runs the Harvard Global Equity Initiative, founded the Mexican NGO Tómatelo a Pecho (dedicated to promoting research, awareness, and early detection of breast cancer), and is a recognized leader in global efforts to improve access to cancer care and control.  She and her family have been with HBT for almost 50 years.

Rabbi Dow Marmur will introduce Felicia and the topic.  A specialist from Princess Margaret will join us to answer questions of a medical nature.

Dr. Marla Shapiro, Associate Professor university of Toronto, Medical Consultant CTV News and CTV NewsChannel, Host Dr Marla and Friends, will act as guest commentator. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Temple and Sisterhood.

Be sure to mark your calendars for this very special presentation and book launch.

Pay what you can with proceeds going towards breast cancer research.

Reception to follow sponsored by the Knaul family

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  • Natalie WItkin

    This is an important and inspiring event that raises awareness about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Thanks for organizing. After learning I have the BRCA gene mutation being diagnosed with breast cancer I started a program at Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada called In Our Genes that provides support and information to women and men who have a BRCA gene mutation or are concerned about their risk.

  • Ophira Ginsburg

    A must see! Felicia’s story of great personal courage in the face of her own illness, and commitment to helping other women with breast cancer -especially in developing countries where breast cancer is seen as a curse and a death sentence– she is truly inspiring! Don’t miss this special evening.

  • Phyllis Wintraub

    This topic is so very important for women of Ashekenazi heritage (which is probably a huge percentage of our membership). This event is a great opportunity for many of them who are as yet unaware about the precarious nature of being a BRCA 1 or 2 carrier–especially younger women. As a breast cancer survivor and as a carrier of BRCA 2, I hope that they especially will avail themselves of the opportunity to learn more about it. Thanks to Sisterhood for providing that opportunity through this programme.

    • Corinne Black

      Phyllis, how absolutely right you are. We do have a responsibility to inform and bring programming forward to both educate and enlighten. We look forward to the support of the community and hope that the success of this event will bring forth information that will help our women here and outside the community. Please tell your friends. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

  • Jan Simonsky

    I have met Felicia – a remarkable woman – I am reading her book – an
    incredible journey.
    It will be and evening of learning and inspiration.
    I am so looking forward to this special event.
    Be sure to be there.

  • Richard Vrooman

    Sounds like an exciting event. I will save the date.

  • Etienne Kaplan

    I have read the book and Felicia’s courage and insight are an inspiration. We should have a great attendance for this event.

  • Pnina Margolese

    I am also reading the book now. A must be at event. Mark your calendars NOW!

  • Corinne Black

    I am reading the book now, quite fascinating can’t wait to hear her discuss her journey. I have it marked on the calendar. Hope to see everyone there.
    It should be an amazing event.

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