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Rabbi Edward Goldfarb

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb

By Dr. Harvey Schipper, President.

I had a favourite uncle. He was a dentist and a very secular, spiritual person who taught me the love of learning for its own sake. He had a vast library about almost anything, and a quiet way of teasing me with an idea or snippet of a book. He spoke Hebrew and adored Yiddish.

Rabbi Eddie Goldfarb reminds me of that uncle. He connects. Learning with him is like sharing a secret, whether it comes from the pulpit or one of his classes. He makes Reform Judaism an intimate experience.

Rabbi Goldfarb retires at the end of June after 13 years with us, at the Golden Age of 75. For those so connected, he’ll be around. He has offered to teach occasional courses and perform life cycle events for members of Holy Blossom who so wish.

We wish Rabbi Goldfarb, Fagi and his family continued years of health, happiness and the blessings which come from a life dedicated to teaching, living and guiding the Jewish experience.

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  • Frances Gruber

    Dr. Schipper’s Uncle Murray was my cousin and there is a definite resemblance. Rabbi Goldfarb I wish you the best for a good retirement. A new life awaits you! Mine changed! As reluctant as I was to retire I have benefited from twenty-five years of an enriched life.
    I have my grandparents marriage contract and it is in Armaic. Do you know if there is anyone who could translate this for me?

    All the best,
    Fran Gruber

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