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We are delighted to announce the commencement of the face to face portion of the ongoing congregational conversation about the physical renewal of Holy Blossom Temple.

Starting in early July, there will be a number of face to face meetings – at homes, in Temple – amongst our members, and including representation from the Building Committee of the Renewal Project, to discuss the look and feel of our renewed building, the activities it is to house, and the spaces it must contain. A representative of our Architects, Diamond and Schmidt, will attend each meeting to ensure the architects move to the design phase with a full understanding of our congregation’s future needs.

View of Gardens and New Ava Road Entry

View of Gardens and New Ava Road Entry

Please respond to this email by clicking here. Please indicate which of the following meetings you will attend. Most will take place in private homes; dates, times and locations will be announced to participants.

The groups to meet have been determined by life stage. They will be:

  • Parents with (or planning to have) pre-school children (to meet in Temple; child care will be available)
  • Parents with primary school age through to bar mitzvah kids
  • Families with post bar mitzvah kids (kids to be included at their option)
  • Boomers
  • Seniors

There will also be two meetings at Holy Blossom Temple, for members of all life stages, to be held in early and in later July; dates and times for these meetings will be announced shortly.

Please join in this conversation. All of our voices should be part of the discussion which shapes the look and feel of our renewed home, its spaces and its activities.

And don’t forget you can comment online by clicking here or with a written comment in our suggestion box in the Ava Road foyer. Many thanks to everyone who has already commented, publicly or privately.

Renewal Project Engagement Committee

Eric Beutel                      Rob Simonsky
Joan Garson, Chair       Brenda Spiegler
Lynn Gluckman             Cheryl Sylvester
Eric Klein                        Benjamin Applebaum
Nancy Ruth                    Rabbi Yael Splansky
David Sadowski
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