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Thank you Holy Blossom Temple for your support of Sisterhood this year!

By Jill Kamin & Corinne Black.

We could not have done this alone.

Your contributions to the annual Sisterhood Project campaign raised money for a wi-fi hotspot in the Ava foyer and Enkin Board Room and display monitors within Temple. You supported our Treasures sale of vintage purses, accessories and costume jewellery, maj jong and scrabble night and dinner honouring Rabbis Splansky, Thomashow and Appleby which enabled Sisterhood to make a meaningful contribution to the Women of Reform Judaism YES Fund, breast cancer research and support our Temple Youth.

This year we also had regular Monday night zumba classes. We hosted Shira Herzog on the topic “Inside Israel: Why Women’s Voices Need to be Heard”. We had an enlightening financial evening geared to women. We celebrated Chanukah. We heard about the lives of two unique women in our community. We had a most amazing weekend retreat up north with Rabbi Teri Appleby and Lindi Rivers. We honoured our history with a weekend celebrating the Centennial of the Women of Reform Judaism. We supported the Women of the Wall at a Holy Blossom Rosh Chodesh service.

Please watch for more information about Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood.

We invite you to come and join us for the first time or for the hundredth time.

For more information, please contact Corinne Black or Jill Kamin at [email protected].


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  • Pnina Margolese

    What a wonderful way to do a creative report. We can only get better and go from strength to strength. YEAH US!!!!!!

  • Sara Charney

    Thank-you to Corinne and Jill for creating this entertaining video and for your words of thanks. We are all stronger together.

  • Daisy Jacobs

    absoluely fabulous. outstanding production and programming. it will be hard to top this somehow with all sisters and the wonderful leadership each year it just gets better and better. fondly

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