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By Cantor Benjamin Maissner.


How proud I am to have chosen the vocation of being a Hazzan

Dear friends,

I just returned from our annual Cantor’s convention fully energized, invigorated and busting with new creative ideas. This convention was so different from all the others I have attended over the decades. I felt something very special at this convention. I walked away feeling that I treasure my Cantors Assembly community like never before.

Striving and aspiring for professionalism in all areas of our calling as Shaliach Tzibur was expressed in highly educational components such as learning about the new technology of social media. Workshops and study sessions in every possible area filled four days of intensive study. The concerts were wonderful night after night! I also cherish the social aspect of being together with peers who have a common interest.

Please enjoy the video below describing the spirit we created for one another as we bring it back to our own communities.

Your enthusiastic young Cantor,

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