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By Wendy Eisen,
Chair, Coming Together Committee.

My family history is deeply rooted in our synagogue. Ours is a four-generation Temple family. My Mother, Alice Suroff Herman, attended Holy Blossom’s religious school on Bond Street and was confirmed in 1927. In her Confirmation picture, she is seated on the left beside Rabbi Isserman, who served as Rabbi from 1925-29.


Wendy Eisen

Wendy Eisen

I was consecrated, confirmed and married at Holy Blossom — and several years ago, served as the founding chair of the Temple Foundation. My children and grandchildren call Holy Blossom Temple their spiritual home.

Last spring, I, like many Temple members, felt deeply saddened by the upheaval that resulted in the early retirement of my friend, Rabbi John Moscowitz. Though gravely upset, there was a desire not to abandon ship. As with other disappointments in my life, my nature is to grieve and then move forward — with cautious optimism and hope.

I believe that the newly-elected men and women on the Board, who are volunteering their time, are doing so with a full heart and with the best interest of the congregation in their minds.

I felt heartened to learn about the Transition Process and agreed, readily, when invited to chair the “Coming Together” committee. I know that the leaders and members of each of the committees will proceed with caution, thoughtfulness and sensitivity to help heal our membership as we commence the search for a Senior Rabbi. In moving forward we all have as our goal, a synagogue that will serve its members and our greater community with our usual standard of spiritual, educational and cultural excellence.

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