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Heeny Levy – Acrylics on Canvas Titled:
“Our Fractured Environment – Complexities and Contradictions”

Reception: Thursday, April 4, 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Viewing to April 29: for daily gallery viewing hours, please call Reception at 416-789-3291.

Heeny Levy

Heeny Levy

This years show at the Holy Blossom Temple gallery “Our Fractured Environment – Complexities and Contradictions” features many of Heeny’s recent acrylic works that are characterized by contrasting subject matter, contrasting forms, contrasting painting styles, and contrasting colors.  Many works feature fish and aircraft as ciphers for nature and technology. Fish are biologically primitive but also traditional symbols for rebirth and renewal – which contrast with aircraft that are amongst the most technologically sophisticated items created by man. And, aircraft which traditionally represent “progress” are also vehicles of rapid and at sometimes unhealthy change.

Summary of Artistic Philosophy: The challenge is to create some things of beauty that can stimulate discussion and raise awareness of the many growing complex global environmental problems that need attention.

Heeny Levy studied classical art at Thornton Hall in Toronto, and received professional and graduate degrees in Architecture from the Pratt Institute in BrooklynNY and the University of Toronto respectively. He has travelled across North America designing landmark retail stores for major retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Henri Bendel, Levis and Saks 5th Avenue.

Heeny has been steadily producing artwork in a variety of media since the early seventies – his work has been exhibited at three major fundraisers for the National Ballet at the O’Keefe Centre, at the Ford Theatre, as well as periodically at the Annex Gallery in Toronto.

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