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By David Hart.

Looking back seventy-five years ago to the dedication of our new Holy Blossom Temple building on Bathurst Street, I was only 14 years old.  I had been brought up attending the Holy Blossom Synagogue Religious School on Bond Street and of course by my very committed Jewish parents. I developed a love and loyalty for this congregation and Judaism in general.

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The Friday eventing dedication was a highlight in my life.  It started with a precession of the Torahs from Bond Street and their placement in our modern Ark surrounded by the many religious symbols. From and the lattice work poured the beautiful sounds of the choir and organ in the room behind.

The participation of our many prominent guests and the fact that the president was Charles Draimin, my uncle, etched the service in my mind.

The Saturday morning  services, with so many outstanding rabbis, was particularly memorable.  In the evening a dedication dinner was held at the King Edward Hotel.  My parents attended.

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Sunday afternoon was the service of Religious Fellowship complete with an address by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and several representatives from the Protestant Christian denominations.

After the service a tour of  the Maurice N. Eisendrath Congregational Hall, Religious School Classes and Temple offices was available.

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