Transition Update: April 2013

By Barry Campbell. Chair: Transition Steering Committee. On behalf of the Transition Steering Committee, I am pleased to provide this update on our Transition activities to date. Our Steering [...]

The Lady Who Tops the List

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Apparently lists of VIPs attract a lot of readers; that’s why they’re so common in publications and blogs. No country, no walk of life and no...

Not So Cold Turkey

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Turkey’s enthusiastic response to Israel’s apology over the Mavi Marmara incident some three years ago was swift and remarkably enthusiastic. Israel is likely to be less...

Obama in Jerusalem

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. What would be the relationship between Israel and the Palestinian Authority today, had Obama made the speech he now made in Jerusalem at the beginning of...

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