By Rabbi Teri Appleby. A Boomer Project Update. In my December Rabbinic Reflection, I announced that Holy Blossom Temple had been selected by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto to participate [...]

Critics as Lovers

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Yehuda Bauer is one of Israel’s internationally recognized historians. His special fields of research include the Holocaust, genocide and anti-Semitism. His latest book is a [...]

Searching for Sugar Man

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his supporters received an unexpected gift from Hollywood: neither of the two Israeli documentaries got an Oscar. Both are highly critical of [...]

A Very Serious Purim Shpiel

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Purim is in the air and with it countless opportunities for Purim-shpiels of one kind or another. The most watched spectacle at the moment in Israel is the effort to form a [...]

Crisis or Convenant?

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. In addition to the weekly portion, a second text will be read in synagogues this Shabbat. It’s about remembering Amalek, the arch-enemy of our Israelite ancestors and the [...]

A Horrible Inversion

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. The Arab village of Beit Safafa is more than 400 years old. Over time it has grown from a few hundred residents as late as a century ago to 12 000 today, according to the [...]

Tallit clinic with Temma Gentles

Monday February 25, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. in the Studio Discuss what you can do to give special meaning to an existing or new tallit. If you would like to arrange a discussion at another time, [...]

A Day in the West Bank

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. I’ve come to realize why the political parties, especially those that hoped to be in the next government, didn’t have much to say about the peace process during the election [...]

Our February Seniors’ Stories Bulletin

Our February 2013 Seniors’ Stories Bulletin is here – with a special theme focusing on our Seniors. In full colour and designed to be more engaging, we are excited to provide you with [...]

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